Adam Haris turns TWO

Dear Adam,

You turned two today and that marks my second year in Mamaland too. I still remember on how I had spent my 26th birthday in the labor room, waiting anxiously to see you my dear son but hey no, you decided to have your own birth date hence you made your grand arrival on 1.55AM 17th April 2009. Fine. Only 2 hours late otherwise we would have the same birth date.

My first few days with you was quite rough (I was a first timer) but as we move on, you have created so many precious priceless memories in my life. You have grown so much and quite a little man now. My handsome young man :) Physically, you are like a photocopied version of me but personalities, you are very much of Mat Kown's mini me.

Hmmpphh, let's not talk about your development and milestones because to me, you have done things wonderfully. From crawling to walking to running, from gugu-gaga-ing your baby words to talking an understandable set of words, from pointing things randomly to reasoning things, nahhh I give A+ for you. You recognize ABC very well and you know your 123 pretty good too. In fact you know your left and right direction very clearly. Considering your age, nothing is there for me to worry.

So let's talk about something else, something rather important than just ABC and 123. I really want you to know that no matter what it takes, Mama & Ayah always want the best for you and Aiman. Even if Ayah had to work 24/7 round the clock and even if I had to sacrifice my career, we'll do. 

You are only two yet you know how to express your feelings and to show us that you somewhat understand with the situation. For example, every time when you look after Ayah and he was not around and I said, "Ayah takde, Ayah pergi work", you will reply me with this, "Ayah work, nak cari wit (duit), nak beli uh-uh (susu) Adam". So yes, you understand that we need money for living and it's a life fact Sayang, that money doesn't grow on trees. 

But on the good side, you know that everytime you want something from me like "tidur dekat hotel" and I said, "Mama takde duit" you will surely say, "tak (mintak) Ayah wit (duit). Adam nak tido hotel besh!" So yeah, on a good side, you are like my secret weapon to pau Ayah. Hehehhe. Joking! ;)


Ayah may not always be at your side to look after you or to play with you or to read your favorite Lion bedtime story or to change your diaper but son, his love and prayer is always there for you. He never failed to provide you with the most comfort at his best and capability. I know that deep inside, you miss your Ayah a lot and sometimes I get worried if you wonder why Ayah always busy. But trust me, every second of his life, every bit of his works and everything that he did is all for you and Aiman.

You are very much a daddy's son. :) I know that. 

Adam Haris, 

Happy 2nd birthday my dear son. I love you more than anything else in this whole wide world. 

May Allah strengthen your faith, bless and fill your life with peace, happiness and prosperity and lead you to a bright and success future. May your blessings be too many to count (syukur) and your worries be too few to matter. Owh, be a good big brother too :) Tho I know that most of the time you are the one who got smacked by Adik Aiman. 

I love you, 


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