Penang - Heaven of Food

Having said that, here my TOP 10 must eat Balik Penang Balik Kedah foods. MUST!

[1] Nasi Ketam Juru (akan mogok if I don't get this, serious hokeyyyy)

[2] Mee Udang Sg Dua

[3] Char Kuey Teow Special Tambah Udang depan Secret Recipe Jitra

[4] Laksa Teluk Kechai, Kuala Kedah

[5] Nasi Kandar 

[6] Pasembor Padang Kota (freaking expensive, must be extra careful with my selection this time)

[7] Kuey Teow Kicap R&R Tapah (must get! even if I have to tapau my food because this particular R&R always jam packed with balik kampung people) 

[8] Ikan Bakar Bapak Mertuaku

[9] Kari Kepala Ikan Bapak Mertuaku Lagi (serious, I think my FIL is a master chef in disguise) Hehehe.

[10] Sambal Belacan Ibu Mertuaku (I've tried the recipe several times, but I still didn't get to the right taste and texture, yet) -___- Must usaha lebih gigih. 

Ok, now I feel like Fiona Shrek already. T___T


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