Adam Haris @ 2 years 1 month old

  • Still showing certain level of jealousy towards his baby brother. =___= You know, like doing this kicking and smacking motions that most often landed on Aiman's face. Hopefully this is just a phase and will blow off soon because for now, I have to watch them like a hawk!

  • He doesn't like to share things with others, not even with Aiman. He gets very possessive towards his stuff. He must have inherited that from me. Haha! Come on, who likes to share things kan? :P

  • He recognized A to Z very well, both uppercase and lowercase letters. So as for numbers from 1 to 10, both in English and BM. Maybe we should start introducing him to arabic characters of Alif Ba Ta pulak.

  • Understand basic colors as well; yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, pink, red and black.

  • Able to differentiate both left and right directions.

  • Whenever he sees garbage truck, he will say, "Lori sampah! Angkat aik (add the letter T) Adam!" Kids say the darndest things eyh?

  • He is so into trucks. Big trucks, small trucks, all trucks. Our living room looks more like a small factory producing toy trucks. :P

  • Egg is still a big NO to him. Kesian eyh?

  • To make it more kesian, he doesn't even know how ice cream and chocolate taste like. Muahahahaha!

  • He only drinks Isomil, Ribena and Sirap only. Owh, Starbucks Ice Chocolate occasionally. Hekhekhek..

  • Still demands for milk on average 5 bottles per day. And that total up to 5 cans of Isomil every month.

  • Mr. Chatterbox. He talks a lot! Word by word. He's like a walking dictionary yang dalam proses R&D. Hehehehe...

  • Unfortunately, a very picky eater. He only eats what he wants to eat.

  • He loves cucumber and broccoli so much. A staple foods in his diet.

  • Weight only 11 kg, a kilo extra than Aiman Haris. -___-"

  • Like to EAT habuk and tissue paper. And whenever I asked him, "Rasa apa habuk tu?" he will say, "Manis! Besh!" Challenging ok nak bela anak seorang ini.

  • Asked him about traffic lights, he will answer, "Merah, Nti! Nti!" "Hijau, Jalan! Jalan!" and "Uning. Pecut!!!" ~ kalau ada JPJ baca belog ini, maaf, saya tidak berniat untuk mengajar undang-undang jalan raya yang salah pada anak saya. -__-

  • Has new best friend named Mr. Justin BirBEAR. Yes, it's a bear who was born in Harrods. Kira made in London gitu, hekhekhek...I guess this is just a phase, more like a role play thing. Not only that, he insisted me to put Biebear into Drypers as well. Nasib I still keep the newborn size sample, otherwise kena membazir sekeping Mamy Poko. :P 
Adam Flintstones. Bila walker sangkut dekat carpet, dia bangun and angkat walker and jalan. 

With Mr. Justin BieBear


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