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I'm not sure if you guys know about this newly launched campaign by Proton, "Persona - Better, Undoubtedly". Yes? No?

Ok, this is actually an outreach program involving three Proton Persona Ambassadors; Jack Lim from MY FM, , DJ Lin from Suria FM and Aanantha from THR Raaga and this 5 months campaign aimed to engage Malaysians on the distinct platform of inspiring confidence. In this campaign, these three Persona ambassadors will take lead to champion their own program by sharing their life experience with Malaysians and inspire others on how to face never ending life challenges.

Still too complicated to chew on? +__+ Basically the main point here is how one's self confidence can inspire confidence in others. Like that. :) And how this self belief role can actually help people get where they want to go in life. Like if you are not confidence with thing, you takkan buat apa, you akan duduk saja hence you are not going anywhere. Saja jer nak buat ayat susah-susah kan? Heheheh....

And all this self confidence thingy has actually taught Proton on how to overcome various challenges like competitive price, quality and lifestyle needs until it finally makes the Company as one of top performing sedans in the market today. See? Even a company needs self confidence to move on kan.

Ah, I know, you may be wondering why DJs? Why not Malaysian famous singers actors ke apa kan?

Because all three are influential personalities that reach out to millions of listeners on a daily basis - what they say, and what they do influences perceptions and attitudes. People don't watch Siti Nurhaliza everyday on tv kan? Or maybe the fact that we spend most time in kereta everyday getting stuck on the road, hence we tend to listen to radio more than watching tele? Hipotesis sendiri. Hehehehe. Most importantly, they all three have their own personal inspiring stories to be shared with others :) So itu yang penting. 

As for DJ Lin, she is a single mother of two who managed to rise above her difficulties to emerge as a successful career woman and mother. I believed that it is not easy to raise two kids on your own and the fact that you need to juggle with a lot of things pun agak mencabarkan. You need all the mental power, physical fitness and emotional stability to keep you sane and going. Kalau tak, mau kecundang di tengah jalan....And everyone knows that mommy job is never easy as 1-2-3 so whatsmore of having to do it on your own. ~___~

During this campaign, DJ Lin will be visiting selected single mothers’ home to share her experience, and inspire them to move forward in life without giving up. She will also select three single mothers to personally mentor them during the duration of the campaign. In addition, she will also host a one-day empowerment workshop, open to all single mothers, to teach them life skills that will help better equip them to face the challenging life ahead.

So yeah. Self confidence is the keyword here. Self confidence to overcome your life challenges. Not to mention that the word challenge is very subjective kan? Like cooking is a big challenge to me but may be not to many of you out there. Or makan ubat is sort of life threatening challenge to Adam Haris but not to other kids, macam tu lah. Hehehehe....

Anyway, if you are interested to participate in the campaign, or to know more about Proton Persona, please log on to their website :)


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