Mother's Day 2011

: : ShilaShower, baru 2 tahun 1 bulan pegang jawatan Mama. Job scope adalah berat tetapi dijamin seronok! Contract signed akan tamat bila umur pun tamat. Tidak boleh resign sama sekali. Tough eyh?"

Aha! What a late entry about Hari Omak, I know...Because many of you have already posted an entry on your Mother's Day gift, lunch, dinner and whatnot or even more manis-like-gula-gula when the kids made their own handmade cards or gifts for mommy kan? Excuse me on that because I've been busy with office works, well you know, reporting? and it's a sad life fact that no one likes reporting.  I am one of the unlucky ones. :P Anyway, it's good to know that everyone had a good mother's day weekend because mine was great too! :)

As for me, even the day started off a little bit bumpy seeing me turning myself into Fiona Shrek (again!) because kids were grumpy, screaming and fighting over iPad (so you know that my 9mos baby is capable to whack his Abang whenever he wants to get his hands on something), but at the end of the day, everything was terrific! ;)

I had a great family lunch out at Serai, Empire and happy that we got to spend a good time catching up with each other on latest gossip in town. :P Gossip Cik Kiah alkisahnyer....Sabrina, if you are reading this now, don't worry, kita orang dah tolong makan on your behalf, hehehe....

Needless to say, the food was delicious and plentiful and my greatest praise must be reserved to Spicy Prawn Olio, uh my all time favorite pasta dish! And it took me a while to decide on what I wanted eat because they have a great selections on their menu. Except the price point is more on the middle range side, so tak boleh makan selalu, otherwise my purse can get thinner sooner than expected :P

So, if you are still wondering on what to have for lunch or dinner, why not you try Serai@Empire. But mind you, the place can sometimes be packed and noisy too. :P

Eyh, I ni buat entry Mother's Day ke entry review makan? =__=

With my Mom ;)
With the one who makes me a Mom. Ahaks!
Another very most most important Mom in my life jugak :) Even more important to Adam Haris. ;)


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