The day I had to take Komuter (again!) pbftttt!!

It was yesterday.

The overall 30 minutes ride from KL Sentral to Kepong Sentral was still pbfttttttt!! Ok, let's make it shorter, pbfttt with less "t" because of that Ladies Coach. Actually I have not taken a ride on Komuter train for almost two years and it is very sad to know that Komuter service has not improved much over the years. Here the entry that I made two years ago. 

Platform was still jam packed with people even during off peak hours (8.00PM off peak kan?) and trains are not very frequent as LRT. But I am no expert to comment, maybe sebab permukaan bumi jalan keretapi tu keretapi jadi lambat ke apa, I am not sure.

However, let's give a brownie points to Komuter for having this Ladies Coach with special waiting area for LADIES ONLY. Owh I love it so much. Ok, still pretty crowded with people but fine lah as most of them are ladies *almost men-free!*. Why I said most of them? Because there are bunch of dumb headed people who probably have gender confusion (which I clearly seen them as men), got themselves into the ladies coach. Hati kering beratur dekat line ladies!

Sadly, even ladies, the problem of pushing and shoving into already packed coach is still there. In fact, there were few ladies that were too ignorant on that big signboard "SILA BERATUR" and decided not to get into the lines like many others. Hello makcik-makcik? Number of lines can clearly be seen, tiba-tiba suka nak pegi depan buat hati kering. Erghh!

Inside the coach?

Hmphhh, ladies coach still overcrowded with people, with many of them refused to move into the aisle as they preferred to stand at the doorways. Yer lah, maybe they don't know where to hang on to when they moved into the isle and very likely to knock or fall onto someone.

Again, having to take Komuter ride back home is not something that I will ever like, not to the very least. But oklah a bit because I don't have to worry on this molesting issue kan..? Unless there's someone lesbian that gets very into me, hahahhaha! Ok not funny. =___='


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