More on Slim-Me-Down Challenge

  • Currently reading and comparing between several types of diets, mainly the Atkins, Master Cleanser and Cambridge. Thank you Wikipedia.

  • Found this cool diet forum named Kelab Diet Online. Never thought to Google for such forum before but it really has a lot of useful info and tips about weight loss, slimming and dieting program.

  • Going to paksa my husband to join Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011. Fun race 5km sudah memadai. :P

  • Been thinking to buy this Kevin Zahri ebooks on his website. Has anyone bought one before?

  • Started my 14 days tanpa nasi today. If 14 days program turns into success, maybe boleh sambung jadi 30 days challenge pulak. Let's see how it goes.

  • Just registered MyFitnessPal account. Cool weh! With a lot of useful tools and totally in love with their Food Diary. Complete with calories, carbs, fat and protein count tuh. Downloaded dekat iPhone jugak. FREE maaaa...

  • My BMI now is overweight. Few months back I was on the obesity side. -___- So my weight goal is 67 because that makes me a normal person again. With additional 2kg before before going overweight again. Hekhekhek. So 67 yer. Plus minus about 10kg to kill off. *Pitam aihhh*

  • Going for free trial at Daily Muscle Body Transformation camp and kalau daya tahan diri kuat, then mungkin akan join the program. Tapi apa beza dengan subscribe gym membership with personal trainer ye?


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