Today's breakfast ;)

I had pancake for breakfast today. In fact, I tapau-ed two more to office (pinjam Aiman's Tommee Tippee) :P

Quick and delicious meal to kick off your day :) Tak sempat nak masak? Worry not, because the whole masak-masak thing gets quicker by using premade pancake mix! 

You think I'm so good at making pancakes using my own homemade recipe? Unfortunately I am not. It's either the batter will turn out too thick or too runny or lumpy, always failed to get the right texture and consistency. =___= For that, I resorted to pre-made pancake mix. :P

Powder into bowl, add water, whisk and cook in a pan with little coating of butter. Bon appetite! ;)

My favorite brands :)

pic source: here and here 


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