Rainbow Cake!

My super comel girlfriend baked this Rainbow Cake for me, konon-konon sempena birthday yang dah jadi super belated adanya. Hehehehe.

No, actually it was me who keep on asking for "kek-kaler-kaler" from her and that finally I got one today. Huyehhh!! Haha, sile lah jeles girlfriends yang lain. Untuk Ina yang kat UK, aku bagi hang amik bau sudah. :P

But every one here in my office was in absolute awe when they saw the rainbow layers inside.

"Kawan kau bancuh pakai water color ke wehhhh??"

"Aku rasa mesti jadi gembira hari ni lepas makan cake warna-warni"

Hahhahaha. So funny ok this people.

See how neat she baked the cake that every layer is spread out evenly? Sama tebal like that? Well risen and firm as well. Ahhh, what a pleasure to have this cake today. :) I love you so very much Pinat. ;)

I'm sure plenty of you have seen this cake kaler-kaler before but probably have not tasted it yet? This is one is sedap, just so delicious as its delightful look. Kalau nak rasa or maybe planning to have one for your kid's birthday party, boleh order from her here. Or better check on her Facebook (Shafinaz Ayob) kot, lagi banyak gambar over there. ;) Or contact her at 012-3517052.


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