The Cheap Version of Kids Sand Play Box

Cool kan? Cheap, easy and simple DIY project that every parent can surely do. Cheap because it takes no more than RM100 out from you wallet, easy because no technical nor complicated assembling steps needed and simple because it's portable and won't take up too much space and in fact, duduk condo or apartment pun boleh buat. :)

Anyway, last few weeks, I saw this ELC sand and water table that was on 20% discount at Mothercare and being someone with impulse buying habit, I was really close to buy for one. But phewww, I managed to kill my inner shopaholic voice *evil! evil!* from charging me a freaking RM300 for only a colorful plastic sandbox made in China. 

But sobssss, I still wanted to get a sandbox for my kids! So how? Look for second hand items? Search for one on Mudah and few other secondhand and preloved items blogshops but still to no avail. So I went to Google and you know how this platform never turned me down kan? Ting! I got the idea already.

Being so lucky for staying near to IKEA, I went there and bought a RM49 under-bed storage box (with lid RM19) that to be filled with sand! Ok lah tu, I only have two kids what? and this Ikea storage box is definitely big enough for my boys. A bonus that it has lid and portable too. Owh, how about sand? Korek depan rumah ker? No lah. You can buy this ELC play sand from Mothercare for RM29.90 each pack (now ada 20% off, so jadi 24 lebih kurang).

So here, one under-bed storage box with lid and one play sand pack and all you need to do is pour in the sand into the box and toss in your kids not-so-expensive toys and hey, it's kids fun time!

Adam was extremely happy when he first saw this genius sand box that Mama made for him and Aiman on the other hand, just love to kepochi and menyebok in every activity that Abang Adam can do. :P 

To them, toys can be made from anything, betul tak? See, what an easy and cheap solution for the parents yet it gives so much fun to the kids. So, everybody is happy here ;) 




Good Idea :) Was going through whether I can get second hand sandbox and then I saw your post. Now if only Penang had Ikea!

Shukreen Ma


Brilliant. Already had the plastic box idea but was wondering where to get clean playing sand from. Thanks!

Shukreen Ma


Brilliant. Already had plastic box idea but was wondering where to get clean playing sand from. Thanks!

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