Disney Junior Ahoy to Neverland Family Event

Thanks Disney Junior for inviting us (the Shrek family) to this very Pirate-fic event! It was such a wonderful family event that we truly had a great time there. Beautiful decorated venue in Ahoy to Neverland theme, friendly Disney crew members, famous host of the day Zahid AF2! hehe, terrific games for kids and bag full of Disney goodies, aahh everything was just crazy awesome!

Obviously, I was the one who enjoyed playing the games most (ah, how I miss my sukaneka day) while my two years old Adam Haris was just busy and excited roaming around in the field. "Mama lari! Adam nak kejar!" And well, he did catch me because I was  running out of stamina to run after three sets of games (fine, kids games but whatever). 
Ok, the truth is I am too bloody heavy to run. +_____+ Even a hippo can run faster than me. 

Above all, I feel very honored to have been invited to Disney events for several of times already. :) Thank you so much for having my name on the list and don't forget to invite me (again!) on every of your upcoming events ya? :) 


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