Feeling a little jealous Mr. Aiman?

Haha! Looks like someone got crazy jealous when his mom holds another baby! Actually, that was my first time seeing him yanking on my shirt as if asking me to put that mumbo jumbo squeezing white thing down and to pick him up. 

Because usually he didn't act as such pun when I hold and play with his 7 months cousin; Akif but unfortunately, not this time. So I thought it was odd that he got all jealous of baby Aaron Mikail *by the way, nice name kan?* 

See that "Hey that's my mom!" face that he made? What is that? Rivalry in babies? Fuhh! I think that's way too early for you son. Agaknya sebab Aaron about the same size as him kot, nampak macam competitor whereas Akif is a small frame baby. :P Hehe...

Or maybe we are just closely bonded. Nak berkepit all the time and unlike Abang Adam who has so many parti-berkepentingan in his life that he can go over every time he needs his things. Everyone is just a phone call away from him. :) On a positive note, at least I know that Aiman truly knows who I am and it's cute to see that he felt some ownership of me. Hehe...


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