Universal Studios Singapore - Part 1

Darling readers, I am so sorry for the delay in updating on my recent trip to Singapore. Eyh sekejap, that was in May, ok, not so recent anymore. Huuuuu it's hard to believe that we are in July already. =_____= 

Blame the tons of photos that were taken in Universal Studios (almost 800pcs!) as it gave me a super hard time slashing down the shots to a reasonable amount of pics that to be uploaded on my blog. And after few hours of browsing, selecting and deleting pictures, nahhhhh the USS folder still left me with another 150 pictures that I decided to just share them all with my readers. But 150 photos in one entry? No way la kan as that gonna make my blog to load at a snail's pace or even worst if it goes slower than that.

So what I will do now is to break my Universal Studio Singapore post into 6 or 7 entries. Muahahaha! Sungguh banyak and hopefully it won't take me until December to complete the series. :P Without further due, here goes the first part of my Universal Studio Singapore trip :)

We went to USS on Sunday, 29th May 2010 and alhamdulillah the park was much less crowded than expected and not so hectic considering it was a weekend and Singapore's school holidays too. Even so, the whole place was still hot and stuffy for which such atmosphere can make a child cranky easily. Thank God for making me such a fussy mummy that I brought along my kids' clip-on-fans and they worked just great! (together with extra batteries and screw driver jugak, just in case the current ones run out). However, that magic thing has caused everyone else to stop and asked, "where did you buy this?" and I have to repeatedly answer, "brought from home". I must have made a good money kalau jual stroller fan dekat situ kan? Hehehe...

By the way, the tickets were purchased few weeks before the trip through USS official website and the price for adult ticket is SG72 (peak pass & children below 4 enter for free). Check here. Just in case if you are planning for one, I would like to recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance via online too. Well you know, just to avoid the trouble of not getting the tickets on the day itself and later make yourself frustrated with sold-out tickets. :) So please buy online. One more thing, I don't think you will ever need that special pass that will allow you to go into shorter waiting line because from my observation, the lines were not that long pun that you have to wait for more than 30 minutes ker apa, quite fast moving jugaklah, hence scrap off that special pass, it's pricey after all. Unless you have money to throw, silalah beli. :P

: : Collecting my tickets : :

As for the park, I was quite surprised to know that the whole place is just so small that you need only half a day to explore everything in there (time frame inclusive several of baby changing-feeding-stops). Plus, given the size of the park yang I rasa suku Disneyland Paris, you don't have to worry of getting lost, penat nak jalan, nak pengsan, nak pitam and all. Trust me, it only takes 20 minutes max to complete one round of Universal Studios Singapore. Yeah, that small. But worry not, it is still a fun happening place and well worth visiting, but for a revisit, I don't think it value much unless they open few more new spots and attractions. :) 

Park is well maintained, cleaned and signages are everywhere. In fact, they have this rental facility where you can rent single or double stroller for your kids. But it's not padded tho, so maybe tak berapa comfortable lah. Not just that, they have lockers mostly everywhere around the park and it allows you to store your belongings FOC for the first 30-minutes. Kalau lebih masa, kena bayar. 

Makan makan? Don't worry, there are more than 10 of food outlets available but for a Muslim, please be careful on its halal status because some are not. We ate at Goldilocks in Far Far Away and it's a fast food restaurant. Nothing extraordinary about the taste and quality but for kids meal, they got to bring this blue plastic meal container back home. Price is fairly reasonable for a theme park like this (try to avoid from converting things into RM, nanti menangis!).

Just a little note here, for parents with young kids (like me!), please don't come with very high expectation as most of the rides are not so kids friendly for those age 3 and below. In my case, I can only let Adam go onto this King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round carousel in Madagascar. Yang lain, kami tengok jer lah. Will comment more about the rides on later entries. ;)


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