Keluarga Shrek perlu kereta yang lebih besar :P

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My husband has a plan to buy a bigger car for us. And when I said bigger, it means bigger in size, not bigger in a way of upgrading life status.

“Besaq nya kereta diaaaaaa. Kaya nohhh” *driving BMW*. Ahahah, definitely not this one, but,

“Besaqnya kereta diaaaaa. Anak ramai, bulat-bulat pulak. Sesuai lah tuh” Hah, this one ya people. :P

I wasn’t quite buy into the idea of having another new car but taking into consideration that we are all big frame people, yes, we might need to have a bigger car. Bigger as in to fit us the Shrek family (Adam says so) and still have enough space to accommodate all other important stuff everytime we go out with a baby and toddler. Strollers, car seats and baby bag; three must have barang that I can’t live without.

Hmphhh, why lah kids would require so much stuff? You know what? This happy little people, not only they conquer the house, but the cars too! And my handbag jugak! Isk! Isk! Let alone when we have to travel balik kampong or cuti-cuti Malaysia, I bet half of the car will be fully loaded with my kids’ belongings only. -____-“

Diaper packs, baby bags, twin strollers (again and always!), car seats, luggage, pillows, kids foods bag (formulas, biscuits, cereals, cutleries, small pot, baby food blender, thermos, water bottles, ahaha fussy I know) but sorry that I can’t help myself to travel light. Not even when I have to travel alone and NEVER when I have to travel with KIDS. It’s ok if you want to say that I basically angkut the whole house every time we travel because that is what I sort of doing, except that it comes in mini and portable version of house. :P

I wonder how our parents managed to survive those days (back in 1980s), to travel with not so canggih car like what we have now (sedan, MPV, 4WD and etc), no car seat, no highway, yet managed to reach the destination (read:kampong halaman) all safe and sound. And survive and enjoy the whole long week in kampong without mosquito repellent, bottle detergent, aircond and all other stuff that most parents can’t live without in this era.

The demand for comfort, kan?

Taking into consideration of all above, plus the factor of two growing up kids, one tall and big frame daddy and long legs mommy, maybe we need to get a bigger car, a family-friendly type of car. Being an all time pengguna-kereta-buatan-Malaysia, Exora is one that catches my eyes most. Tapi belum pernah test drive pulak. Ermm, nanti bila dah merasa bawak Exora, baru I komen panjang-panjang ok, so for now I reserve my comment dulu.

Owh by the way, for you info, especially for those who are staying in Kuala Terengganu and nearby areas, there will be Exora Test Drive session happening on this Friday and Saturday (8th – 9th July 2011) but only 20 lucky couples will get to experience the exclusive treatment tau. Exclusive la, sebab not only test drive, boleh dapat free spa treatments and makan-makan jugak tau. I know, you guys love free stuff kan? Because I do. Cuma Kuala Terengganu tu jauh sangat nak pi. :P

For those who are interested to join the Kuala Terengganu VIP Session this weekend, you can express your interest by leaving your name and contact number in the comment box. 

So hurry up! This is something fun to do over the weekend kan? 


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