Maaf jika I lambat update blog, sebab.....

My laptop CTRL and Space Bar keys were pull out by Aiman! Tolong! No, not for helping me fixing the keys but how laaaa to stop this little fingers from destroying my stuff? He seems to be putting every little thing of mine into an end. Haiyoh! And all the extra measures and baby-proof tricks are not working on him. Bak kata Lady Rara, ini budak keturunan Titi Gajah, rebus pressure cooker pun tak empuk juga. Isk! Sungguh banyak ilham dia nak cari jalan. A very techie person you know. Unlike Abang Adam, if you say NO, then it is NO. But for this little monster, ayopakadavaleyyyy, he will just go and do it until he gets his way. -______-" 

Haihhh, just another episode of Shit My Kids Ruined nampaknya...
Anak-anak ShilaShower memang suka monster kah? Adam dengan Shrek nya, Aiman pulak dengan Sully Monster Inc. Sungguh monster kot Ayah hampa nih?


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