What a modern Maktok lah kan...

You know what? My mom likes to send AH Brothers' pictures via MMS to me while I'm at work. Mainly to let me know on what my kids are doing at home. Panjat tangga ka, panjat meja ka, wrestling WWF ka or any other scenarios that boys usually do. 

Modern Maktok nowadays, tak main dah tulis-tulis surat semua nih. A grandma  from this era semua main MMS and email bagai. In fact, she's the one who's more into Facebook as compared to anyone else in the house! Very often she got her Facebook status updated whereas mine will only be updated like what, once a week? Pun belum tentu -_____- And we decided not to tell her how wonderful Twitterland is. Hahaha! 

Hopefully she won't ask for an iPhone for her 52nd birthday this year. Hihihi :P Ok joking! Anything for you mom. :) 

Imagine if someday someone ask this question to my kids, "What is the best folk or tale story that your grandma told when you were young?", I think the boys might be answering something like this, "Choo-Choo Train! The one that Maktok downloaded from Youtube!" *narrated from Chuggington video* :P 

Here, sharing few of the pictures that my mom MMS-ed me. :P


Adik kung-fu-fighting Abang -_____-"

Adik berlagak macam budak besar...

Adik caught in action....
Panjat meja
 Panjat printer and laptop Mama!
 Making huge mess and later on masuk bakul. Motif? Not sure.
 Obstacle course dekat tangga.

Owh, talking about my kids, just to share with you the conversation that I had with Adam last few days.

"Mama bukak The Wheel on the Bus!"

As usual, the same reply that I gave (because I wanted to use the laptop doing my works!), "Bas takde sekarang. Kejap lagi Mama bukak video bas".

And guess what he replied?

"Ada! Mama Gugel. Mama pergi DOT COM. Ada Youtube"

DOT COM? Siapa ajaq Adam dot com neh? First Youtube, then Google, now Dot Com, next what? Blogspot kah? ~_____~


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