We seriously need a bigger car

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We; the Shrek family is in need of a bigger car. Considering the factors that I wrote in this post and forecasting our future addition of new family members (hey! i'm not pregnant. we are just planning ahead sahaja), I think it would be great if we can have a mid-sized MPV on top of our 5 seaters sedan Proton Persona kesayangan. 

Tengok pulak neighbour sebelah ada Exora *peeping into Makcik Eli's compound, cuci mata tengok Exora* I think this first Malaysia-made MPV is not bad at all. It has all the main features that most people would definitely want to emphasis, mainly safety, performance and comfort. Ok, design and price pun penting jugak but at least it doesn't look as bad as a box-shaped MPV lah. 

Safety checked! Driver-door only unlock system (bukak pintu driver saja, pintu lain remain lock), speed auto lock function when the vehicles hit 20km/h, auto lock funtion (kalau kids main lock-unlock pintu), ABS breaking system *penting nih*, twin airbag system and pretensioner seatbelts.

After, this is the only option we have for which the price is fairly reasonable and won't break our family funds into a deficit figure; home, pension and kids' education (if we are getting for one lah). Support our home-grown MPV weh! :)

Performance wise, hmmmpphhhh I am no pro to comment further on this and the sad fact that I missed out the test drive event, maybe I shall reserve this comment until I get to drive for one. But having said that this MPV has a Campro CPS engine with supreme Lotus tuning, I think it has enough point to keep us keen with Exora. 

Comfort? Ahhh, it's spacious interior (triple penting!) with suede plush leather seats, flexible seating arrangement (boleh lipat kerusi bentang toto, hahaha) and super big cargo space, what else could I asked for kan? Cukup sangat dah tuh. 

Sighhh, how sad it is that I missed the test drive session that was held in KL sometime in April. :'( Tuh lah, twit nama dekat Redmummy tapi tak bagi contact. Padan muka. Sobss sobss....While the rest of the other VIP sessions were held di kawasan luar KL, I hanya mampu menengok *and jeles* of those lucky 20 yang dapat test drive Exora. Sobsss lagi....

The latest session was held in Penang (dekat Suffolk House) and 20 lucky couples got the privilege to test drive Proton Exora. Number of informative and fun activities were carried out during the day inclusive a sharing session with the experts on safety issues when travelling with kids, the importance of having a bigger family car, husband & wife relationship (kata perfi suami isteri kan), grooming and financial topics. 

But of course the main highlight is getting to drive Proton Exora and to feel the features said on your own. I mean, different person different handling style kan, so now everyone get to test it on your own. Puas hati :) Not only that, there was a mini competition held (sila jawab soalan kind of contest) and the winners got to bring home Ringgit Malaysia cash! I is jealous betul. -____-'

I'm not sure if there is anymore of such event that will be held in future, but if there is, semestinya I nak join! *Proton, do invite me ok?* 

Okels, need to continue my serious discussion with my other half and maybe to deep dive into this issue on the need of having bigger car. Nak beli kereta kot, bukan beli kereta mainan 3 for RM10 dekat pasar malam. Hehehehe....


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