Aiman's Kitchen Playset!

Haha! I know its pink. Pink kitchen playset for Mista Muka Legend Hati Kuntum, ekekeke..But who cares? Because in toddler land, kids are free to play with anything  they like or interest them. Everything is ok punya. Say even if they smear lipstick all over your bed sheet or carpet pun, still naahhhh nothing much going to happen kan? The most, they probably going to get one friendly babab from mommy. Dah, itu saja. 

Cool eyh? Feel like becoming a child once again? Forget it. Zaman dah berlalu.

So here, being an open minded mom to two boys, I don't mind if my kids choose to play with girl's kitchen set. I mean, they are kid, why do I have to restrict their choices and limit their imagination by all this gender specific stuff kan? Remember, most world's great chefs are men kan?

I still remember playing masak-masak with my siblings and cousins and that time, we really pluck off flowers or any plants that possibly be spinach, broccoli and other veges. Batu and daun selalu buat duit. :P And pasir as nasik -____-" See? Very high imagination role play game tau. And now, that two little boys yang selalu masak-masak dah jadi chef for real okies? ;) That's why I think kitchen play is absolutely ok for boys and I don't see anything wrong with that. Even for dolls, if that pleases my boys pun, yes go ahead, they can always play with it. But if that prolongs until primary school age, well I might be a tad bit worried lah kot. :P Hehehe...

For now, main lah nak main apa pun and in fact, I would be very much happy if they choose real toys over iPad tau. iPad is good nonetheless, cuma over playing will jeopardize their social skill lah nanti. 

So here, my anak garang playing with his kitchen play set that he got from his birthday recently. Who knows, he might end up being Jeneral Angkatan Tentera yet knows how to cook gourmet food for his love ones. ;) Sweet kan? :P


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