Rokiah Bt Awang

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Aha, you guys must be wondering, who is Rokiah Bt Awang?

Well, she is not any newly found celebrity ker apa but, she is a single mother who has her very own success story. I mean, for what that she has gone through in a life of a single mother, she is truly a strong lady.

So stop complaining about your so called "apa-lah-nasib-bos-garang-gaji-sikit" career when many others out there have to start their day as early as 3am and probably ends at 1am like that and with that very little income kena support pulak 4-5 anak. Come on, so long u can afford a cup of Setarbaks Latte or Danhil rokok, your life is not any bad at all :P

Anyway, Rokiah Awang is one of the lucky single mothers that got chosen to be mentored under this special tailored session under Persona - Better, Undoubtedly programme. She has been mentored by DJ Lin in order to better improve herself (be more confident) and her family well-being. Being a mommy of 5, with one of them being disabled, her life has never been so easy whats more with the needs to provide family basic life necessities on her own. And the fact that she had gone through a very ugly separation has made her shy and embarrassed on her own life.

However, with the help from Proton, this lady who is a businesswoman at heart, has been closely coached by
Proton  Marketing and Communications department for her to emerge as one strong and confident person. She learned the steps on how to start a business, foods packaging, market niche and even given the opportunities to let public sample her foods. :)

Although she has to face the challenges of having to do several jobs everyday; working at a Disabled facility at Gombak in the morning and later continue with preparing foods for bazaar (and transport pulak foods to stalls), she managed to overcome and control the difficulties and finally able to provide better life to her kids with this additional income.

So yeah, don't ever look down to these single mothers because you may never know that some of them are a lot tougher and strong and confident than we are. Kita laki pi out station pun dah nak sememeh, apa kes? :P

And here is DJ Lin's quote to share, “To the single mothers out there, never doubt yourself and your inner strength. Tangan yang menghayun buaian akan menggoncang dunia.”


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