Invitation to Disney Junior's Jake & Neverland Party!

Yes, I am excited as you can see. ^__^ and I just can't hide it. Because this special e-invite came from Disney Junior and I know that I will never be disappointed by its events. ;) And to make me totally over the moon is; only 15 families got chosen to this event and my little team is part of it! Hihihi...

Tak percaya? Check the previous Disney Junior's events that I have attended before, semua is super cool. It somehow brings me back to my carefree childhood. :) 

I was driving when my iPhone kaput beeps showing an email notification from Sophia and said only first 15 RSVPs will get to attend the event. So hah, I sent my big YES immediately while driving. T___T Jangan tiru, tidak elok untuk kesihatan. Somemore with bloody touch screen phone that has lost its sensitivity that sometimes you have to tap! tap! tap! several times AND driving, noo, sungguh tak elok tu. :P Tapi demi Disney Junior, buat jugak lah hehehe...

So yeah, can't wait for Dec 3 event nih! :) 


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