Pantai Hospital Bangsar once again...

I am getting very bored with this hospital stays and I just don't know what else better to do other than Starbucking my stomach, reading magazines and watching tv. Yes, I love doing all that but not right here in hospital lah weh. Owh, just to let you know, this is our 4th checked-in into Pantai Bangsar and this time is Aiman. See? My kids are passing the baton between them, one after another hospitalization within past 6 weeks. Aiman - Adam & Aiman - Adam - now Aiman. Praying every second to Allah hoping this is the last hospital stay for them and not anymore dah. 
What with Aiman this time? Same like the previous case here; Gastritis and Duodenitis. Tell you ah, I'm so like a medical student now with so many medical terms and prescriptions being chucked into my head since past two months. I'm a type of mommy who does not take demam as just demam. Hence my biggest concern every time my kids fall sick is the root cause. Like this time, I wanted to know whether it's Salmonella infections ker tak? I rasa macam very likely lah because this food borne illness usually transmitted through kitchen surface which polishing kitchen floor with bare hands is one of Aiman's favourite pastime. Or maybe from egg because I remember feeding him egg tofu last weekend. :'/ It could be that jugak, tofu not properly cooked sebab makan dekat kenduri kan. 

No, I am not complaining, not a single second. In fact, I can clearly see that Allah loves my little family so much that Allah tested us with these trials and hardship. Or maybe this is just  a gentle signs that The Almighty is displeased with us. So, stand up and get back on track. But I do really hope this rough season will end soon as I need everything to be back on its normal mode. Daily routines, career, diaper cakes business and all other personal matters. 

Not to mention that we have to spend bloody RM70 (average lah) for parking fee on every hospitalization. Ggrrr!!

P/S: My biggest ever problem with Adam Haris is his greatest rejection towards any oral prescriptions whereas Aiman, always demanding for more everytime we give him Restore Prebiotics or Paracetamol or Aerius syrup. Lagi haru okehhh.
 Jadual ubat untuk pesakit di rumah, arahan Dr.ShilaShower. Ok, that title doesn't look good to my name. :P

Ini pesakit yang dalam ward pulak. 1+1 Hehe...


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