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The definition of supermom varies. Some may say, "Mak saya supermom sebab dia buat itu ini blablabla" or some others may say, "I'm a supermom too coz I have my full time day job while running some part time businesses, handling 5 kids all boys, no maid rule, workaholic husband who always on his outstation job and yada yada yada" and stuff  like that.

But, for most of us (including me), as long as we know that our husband is around despite being geographically located very far away, even to north pole sekali pun, we will still be doing fine and going strong kan? But what if you have to carry all the above job on your own as a single mother, no husband to pinjamkan his ears to listen to your bebelan-amuk when things get tougher? Well, that is really really a life challenging thing. Financial issue is always top of the list, as the world is going crazy with everything so expensive even air sirap that used to cost 20 cent per glass is now RM1.20 for one. Kuih 3 seringgit? Forget about it. Mental and emotions stability, hmphhh you can easily broke into pieces if you don't have a real strong inner-self.

And referring to my blogspot here, DJ Lin from is a single mother too and she has managed to go through all the difficulties and  emerge as one successful career woman while carrying the mother role tip top. Few months ago, Proton has developed and run a programme  called "Empowerment Day Workshop" which was led  by DJ Lin herself and the programme was meant to create these single mothers self confidence as well as to build strong support system for them who came from the same platform.

Surely sharing session is the best way to understand and to know what others have gone through their life and the slot itself was kicked off by DJ Lin who started to share her own stories and experiences. Not only that, the participants were also briefed about on how to generate side incomes, financial planning and investment tools as well as the religious bit on accepting fate and moving forward.

You know what? DJ Lin was once very frightened to drive but being a Proton Persona ambassador, she has finally decided to overcome her fear and learn how to drive. So yes, free driving lesson was given too and few selected lucky mothers got themselves to experience the adrenaline rush activity of being sped off in Persona extreme drive.

Last but not least, surely that was a lady fun stuff like make up and grooming session where this will enable them to look good and feel great and build a better self esteem to themselves.


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