DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME


Of course Digi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME! I've been wanting to download so much kids applications and games from App Store but I can't do so because well, *ehem* I'm using mom's iPhone 3G. It's like a dinosour era kind of phone. Most often, I will get this remark, "only supported by iPhone 4" or sometimes by iPhone 3Gs or 4. Sighhhh, what a fun blocker la kan?.

But I know my dream will come true with Digi iPhone 4S. Adults been talking about this super canggih Dual-Core A5 Chip that makes browsing a wonderful experience ever. Unlike the one I'm using right now, it gets hang and kong very easily. -_____-" Not to mention the seven times faster graphic which just perfect for learning, and err, gaming. Hehehe...

I bet this must be very responsive, not like mom's, loading from one page to another is a total mental torture. You should have seen how my little brother smack-down mom's phone whenever he gets angry because the phone is not responding well to him. Very very bad.
Owh! Owh! This one that I'm currently using ahhh, I tell you, don't even have a video camera. So, with new HD video recording in iPhone 4S, I will surely be able to shoot stunning and entertaining videos for my parents to watch later. I absolutely love taking photos and recording videos but I don't get to do it so often because mom will scold me if I ever touch her camera (which claimed to be the most precious asset of her). Having said that, it will be real great to own a new phone with video recording ability as well ;) 

Last but not least, this new uber cool phone came with its talking assistant residing in it named SIRI. Can you imagine talking to a phone as you would to a person? And it answers you! Even Adik Aiman can't respond to me very well because we are talking in two different languages from two different zones. But not with SIRI because I know, he can understand English perfectly and I believe he can pick-up my words just well. I shall talk more about this in my last post later :)

See? Nothing much that I require to make iPhone a perfect one for me. Super-owhsome performance, faster graphic, HD video recording and one new happy buddy named Siri. ^______^ Digi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME!


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