Hye, I'm Adam. 
Yes, as the title stated (and so with the next following THREE entries) I am entering this contest and be in the running to win a spanking new iPhone 4S! Well, I am just 2 years old and obviously I don't have much money to splurge on this ribu-ribu-ribu-ringgit worth of iPhone. But I need a new iPhone so very badly because my mom's iPhone 3G is dying anytime soon. -______- 
Hah! Can you believe that she is still using iPhone 3G in this era? People have at least moved to iPhone 4 or 3Gs at least, gosh! And the phone is just about the same age as me. 2.5 years old to be exact.

Or maybe she practically understand that another unnecessary monthly expenses (read: INSTALLMENT of NEW iPHONE) won't be very nice either to her or dad's pockets. She once told me that these days, everything comes in ratus-ratus price tag, and with all other high priority monthly expenses that my parents have to allocate for my little brother and me, I guess that kinda explains why mom is still carrying her almost kaput iPhone 3G in her bag.
But hey! Just in case if any other moms out there who is currently in the same shoes like my mom, I think I have found a cool ding-dong-bell solution! Saw it on the internet while browsing for my Wheel on the Bus videos. *I'm a techno savvy toddler maaaaaa*

Here, with Digi iPhone plans, everything is made possible now! Let's take iDiGi 88, your monthly bill will be as lower as RM55 yet you can still be the proud owner of a new sleek iPhone 4S! See? That doesn't cost you a ratus-ratus-ratus eye-popping bill like mom always said to me ;) Yeay!
Or maybe I should show this 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE plan to my dad. Reason? The number is far from reaching RATUS (read: 100) and I believe dad will be able to absorb the monthly cost, maybe by reducing his cigarettes consumption everyday? ^______^


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