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Hello mommies and daddies! Do you guys remember this entry where I mentioned about meeting Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and got the privilege to meet them personally and clarify my doubt on added sugars in children's diet? So today, I am going to write more about my short discussion on added sugars that I had with one of the experts during the event.

Like what I said above, due to time constraint, here is the only question that I got to ask Dr. Monro, "How to reduce added sugars intake in my children's diet?" as this has always been my major concern since the added sugars issue being raised out. And his reply? Haha quite a long time for me to remember (come on, expert mesti explain banyak-banyak right?) but here to what I considered as important notes and key points.

First, to look out on my child's diet and to list out from which source that possibly added sugars came from. Hmpphhh, the fact that he usually eat home cooked meals sahaja, nampak macam added sugars (the unnecessary ones) mostly from his growing up milk lah. -_____-" Biscuits, bread and cereal ada jugak, tapi kadang-kadang whereas candy, chocolate and ice cream is not really into their interest, especially Adam Haris. Weird eyh my son?

So, again and again, please check on your kids food intake and growing up milk labels. I know, label reading can sometimes be so annoying especially when the info printed in very small font size or sometimes just so confusing to read everything on every side of the packaging. And please, don't go and scan for the word sugar on it as highly likely that you won't find it.

Ini namanya sugar trap because they use other names to substitute nama tak glemer sugar into something named sucrose, corn syrup solids and glucose syrup solids (ini yang most commonly used lah). Standard natural lactose level in milk is about 11-12gm per serve – anything above this indicated the addition of added sugars in the ingredients. Please remember the names yeah as it might be very useful bila nak check kids growing up milk label nanti.

Second, select other wholesome foods as main source of carbohydrates and NOT from added sugars. White bread, pasta, banana, apple lebih bagus than consuming added sugars semua nih. Most parents have this idea of "bagi saja lah susu, ada banyak carbo jugak, boleh kenyang, senang"

No, you are wrong. Carbo memang tinggi but mostly of the carbo portion is added sugars and it has no nutritional value. Empty calories tau tak? At the end if these calories are not used they are being stored in the kid's body jadi extra fat and lead to unhealthy weight gain. See? Instead of resorting for high carbo growing up milk, cari lah carbo lain yang lebih baik seperti roti or pasta, at least ada good and healthy nutritional value.

So, it's your call parents whether or not to start checking on your children's growing up milk. I dah check and surprisingly, memang tinggi pun, so now tengah fikir plan nak ubah slow-slow. Aiman particularly :P Maybe start mixing between brands dulu ker, tengok macam mana. :)
Anak-anak, memang macam-macam yang mak ayah tok nenek serba concern kan :P


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