Allergy Blood Test: Reading

Ini result allergy test Adam Haris.

We've already got one explanation from Adam's doctor which I think should be sufficient enough on what to do next. Because together with the above is another set of report (2 pages length) stated the comments from consultant pathologist as well as the DOs and DONTs. 

However, being a blogger mommy who lives in everything-internet era, sourcing for additional information is simply no boundaries. So here, I'm seeking out for multiples sources of expert advice with regard to my son's allergy test result. 

Doctors? Or mommies, who shares the same experience like mine, raising kids with allergies/asthma/eczema? Not that I feel unease with my doctor's recommendations, tapi sajalah nak kumpul info lain :) 

Do share with me if you have any comments/opinions with regards to the matter above =) 
Many thanks in advance ;)


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