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Yeah, added sugars, just again and again, I know. But if only we can "materialize" the empty calories that added sugars have, we’d surely understand how harmful too much of this added substance can be to our health and lifestyle. Unfortunately, nope. However, this is just something to keep in mind -  too much added sugar is never good stuff, not to us adults and even more no! no! to our kids. So, totally no compromise when it comes to children's healthy diet!

And talking about healthy diet, milk has long been a staple of many children's diet. So when people start mentioning added-sugars-in-children's-growing-up-milk and later it became a highly discussed issue in parenting community, I just couldn't close one eye and do nothing about it.  

Of course it hits me too especially when thinking about Aiman; my little milk monster who easily consumes 10 boxes of his milk every month (1 box can only last 3 days). Seriously, I don't feel like calculating how much added sugars that he has gobbled down since the first day he consumed it, because I bet the result must be terrifying! Adam on the other hand is a soya boy, well, eczema - lactose intolerant, so nothing much I can do about him.

Due to that, parents start scanning for added sugars info on their children's growing up milk nutritional label and from what I can see, many of them have made a smart choice in switching their kids growing up milk. From the former brand to the only one that contains absolutely no added sugars but is still loaded with many other advanced nutrients such as Gangliosides and DHA; Anmum Essential.  =)

But of course the switching mode doesn't always happen nicely and easily, and most often our kids will show some rejections towards the new taste. So it is very important for us to switch their GUM gradually to make the transition smoother and let them adapt and settle to it slowly. 

In my case, this is definitely not an overnight thing and it takes quite a lot of trial to make Aiman acquires to the new taste. The fact that makan-minum is something that Aiman do best, I can't simply goreng his taste buds and expecting him to accept it immediately. Status? Still in progress, not 100% completed yet but everything is on the positive side. 

Tips? The best time to try is during his first milk in the morning and just before bedtime at night. Masa tu, bagi apa pun minum :P

Last but not least, take a look at these two print ads from The Star, about what the two smart mommies have got to say on choosing Anmum Essential. I guess most of us are sharing the same concern kan?

Want to know more on what others been discussion about, head on to Anmum’s Facebook forum here J


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