Kids Say the JUJUR Things

As a mom, teaching my kids about positive values and practicing good morals and manners are the things that I considered a MUST. It doesn't have to be in a formal sit-and-learn way because learning can just happen during playtime, mealtime, bathtime or bedtime. Or just anytime when I feel it best to teach the values. Happy to say, Adam is picking up on the good values like "Sorry", "Thank You", "Pleashhhh" pretty well but yet to observe further on Aiman which I hope to instill the same in him. 

And no matter how troublemaker my son is, cursing is just not my thing. Well, because I've encountered situation where parents cursed their kids in PUBLIC! Stupid, loser, lembab, degil-nak-mampos and those kind of cruel words. Such a horrid mistreatment of children! Can you imagine saying all those bad things to a child? Kesian tau.

Ok, back to the topic above, teaching honesty is just one of it. Be it their feelings, views, opinions or actions, I always want them to be honest. Say whenever Adam did something wrong, I will ask him to be honest and admit for the mistake and apologize and promise not to repeat it again (yes, he will "shoriii" everyone for the mistake but most often will repeat it again and again, grrrrr....). But other than that, he got an A for practicing good values here.

But the thing now, he is being extremely honest in blurting out his view and opinions and yes, I am one of the unfortunate people receiving the true view from him.

Situation 1
Adam: Mama, pusing belakang, Adam naik naik elephant! 
Mama: Elephant?? Seriously?? What happen to the old kuda that I used to be? -______-" *nanessss*

Situation 2
Tok Abah: Adam nak naik boat ker? Nak bawak siapa?
Adam: Nak bawak semua orang!
Mama: Mama nak ikot boleh?
Adam: Bawak Abah, Ayah, Mama, eyh Mama tak boleh. Nanti boat tenggelam!
Mama: ???!!! Siapa ajaq anak aku loyar burok tahap gini nihhhhhh???

How could you torture your own mom like this?? And you are just two and half. Depresi dengan kenyataan anak sendiri. And why are you not telling the same fat thing to Ayah? Pilih kasih ker apa nih. 

Since then, terus berazam untuk lebih kurus until I hit my ideal weight 60kg. Ok, that angan-angan macam a bit overboard, let's make it 65. Serious. I am serious.

Where is my PB?? *and start ordering Herbalife* 

I need go extra miles than just preaching the word DIET.

Basically this entry is not about teaching good values to kids but telling you how depress I am with Adam's honest statement  =_______=

Dalam depresi pun, tetap sedut kolestrol Mi Udang Mak Jah :P 
(Kuala Sepetang, 21st Jan 2012)


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