iPanema for Baby

I finally found the perfect sandal for Aiman Haris. 

Perfect shoes perfect price. Just within the range that I'm willing to spend for his 10th sandal; RM34.90. I said 10th because we've been buying him shoes and sandals ever since he started walking but every pair of it will only last for 2 months max! All due to his wide chubby feet that grow so fast and I can't barely keep up. I was thinking to buy him that RM10 cap-ayam-crocs lookalike shoes, but considering the nil safety value, tak apa lah, kita spend lebih sikit with maximum cap RM35. 

Can you imagine my 17 mos young baby is wearing size 8? (for kids). Abang Adam pun baru 7 je. Kaki apakah ini? Only Stride Ride has selection of shoes that can fit his chunker feet perfectly, but buying Stride Ride on every 2 months?? Memang tak lah kannnnnnnnn....

And in our case, it's not a hand-me-down situation from elder brother to baby brother but it happens the other way round. Adik hand down barang dekat Abang. -______-" 


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