Oh.Em.Geee!! I is very eksaited!

People look at this!

And compare to what it was before




You guys know how I've been complaining about the same thing since a year ago, on why my weight is not reducing any further walaupun dah diet sakan and why it has to stop at number 70 kan? Even if it fluctuates, the number will still be within the range of 70-72. Naik tidak, turun tidak. Stagnant just like that. 

But not anymore now! Yeay!!

Seriously, it worth the hard work, forcing myself to stick to the same set of timetable and menu since last 3 days. Hari ini hari ke-4 and I'm happy to see this great improvement which I've been longing for since many months ago. Worth going through the hassle gulping down bottles of water, countless toilet visits, sweating hot in PB corset and bancuh-bancuh HL shakes! :)

All of these numbers were taken at the very same time; in the morning right after going to the bathroom (7.00-7.30am). Most importantly, it must be done under the same set of condition; no food and water intake yet, same clothes, same spot and same scale. 

Tips: Do not place your scale on uneven floor or soft surface like carpet to avoid inaccurate reading and very likely, you will weigh heavier than what you are. :P 

And why morning? My common sense is I will definitely weigh more in the evening due to foods that I have eaten and water that I have drunk throughout the day :P So as to avoid any inaccurate figure due to calories and fat that I have burnt and different set of clothes that I wore.

Owh! Owh! Owh! I can't help from feeling happy and I can see myself smiling sampai esok lusa kalau macam ni. Hehehehe!!

Bye-bye you bloody number 70! Don't care lah if I'm just 200grams lighter than last 3 days, yang penting I tau I dah burnt my fat! Ohsemmm. Semangat dan tak sabar betul nak tengok hasil selepas 30 hari nanti. ;) Hihihi...


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