Vote for TM in NEF Awani ICT Awards 2011

Dear darling readers,

Help us win! Us lah, sebab ini company I kerja cari makan, mestilah I nak sokong company I. Walaupun I bukan pekerja cemerlang, gaji tak banyak pun, very often marahkan Streamyx, tapi mengenangkan medical benefits yang Haris Bersaudara dah sapu (SANGAT banyak), memang terhutang budilah saya di sini sampai mati. Not to mention my 5 years fully funded degree dekat MMU, jadi marilah sayangkan TM.

Ok, back to this voting thingy, knowing that most of you suka merewang dekat Facebook, why not you help us by casting your votes with only 3 simple steps below:

Step 1
Log on to

Step 2
Tick “Telekom Malaysia” under the category “Favourite Telecommunications Company”.

Step 3
Click on the button “Submit” to submit your vote.

Do not miss out the chance to cast your votes to enable TM to be crowned as the Favourite Telecommunications Company. *thank you mucho!*

Before: 25 January 2012 (Wednesday).

Note: The NEF Awani ICT Awards 2011 is a smart partnership between the Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry & Entrepreneurs and Astro-Awani TV channel.


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