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As for the words added sugars, I think I have shared enough about what is it, how to check for added sugars in children milk, the bad side of it and many more. In fact, I already shared the info that I got from dinner and sharing session with the two experts; Prof Davies and Dr Monroe here :)

So now, what I wanted to share right here are videos of the experts talking and explaining more details about this added sugars issue. Worth watching mommies, so this will be able to clear our doubts :)

First video, explaining on mostly asked question "Do Children Need Added Sugars?". Obviously, our kids don't need so much added sugars for extra energy and not even beneficial for their growth. Normally this not needed added sugars will just be converted into fats which later may contribute to overweight and obesity.

Second video, Prof Davis talks about sugar intake recommendations.

Third video, on what is added sugars and how to find them in milk.

Fourth video, explains more on definition of added sugars.

And lastly, fifth video, types and amount of added sugars in children’s milk.

So, done watching all the above videos? What do you have to say about it? I must say very informative and that make us realize how important it is to be aware about added sugars in our children’s diets. Also helps clear up any confusion on what is a sugar and how to use the ‘carbohydrate per serve’ to judge the added sugars levels in your child’s milk.

Anyway, here a little bit more info that I found from the newspaper recently. It was a big print ad from the Ministry of Health (MOH) talking all about limiting our sugar intake for better health. Within the ad MOH says that ‘no sucrose’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no added sugars’. And also that corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids are all types of added sugars.

If you drag your mind back to all the debate and controversy that was around a few months back about added sugars in children’s milk, these 2 statements from MOH make me wonder about a few things. Firstly, a lot of people and brands were trying to tell us that corn syrup and glucose syrup solids were not added sugars – well now we know this was wrong because the MOH has now clarified… they ARE types of added sugars. Secondly, when some brands mentioned on their packaging "No Sucrose" does it really means no added sugars? I doubt no. Takdak sucrose, boleh jadi ada yang lain-lain, kan? Better check the pack carefully!

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