DHA alone may not be sufficient for kids brain development.

You know what, everytime I pergi supermarket untuk beli susu Aiman, I mesti nak check all other brands on shelves even though I have no intention on buying those. Hahaha. Saja nak browse the packaging and labels. Every brand has its own claim on the goodness which includes the richness source of DHA. The most frequently mentioned nutrient in kids growing up milk. Susu takdak DHA is considered weird and senang cerita tak payah beli. Haha. All must have one, tak percaya cuba check.


It came to my mind, that DHA alone may not be sufficient for kids brain development. Yes, it is important for children’s intelligence but they also need other nutrients such as Gangliosides that work together. If I were to explain the chemistry part of it, nanti I jadi macam Einstein kan, but what I did in order to know more about DHA and Gangliosides, I refer dekat Wikipedia. Hehehehe...

Then comes all the tv and print ads about children growing up milks. Of course brands to macam-macam but one thing for sure, only one brand that has unique formulation of both DHA and Gangliosides besides several other important nutrients which is Anmum Essential. I'm not sure tho how fast the combination gives impact on kids brain development but as far as I'm concern, Aiman is demonstrating his new skills everyday. And the best thing is, I can converse with my 22 months son and it's a two way communication. No baby talk here. :)

Anmum Essential, is my best choice for Aiman Haris, besides being famous for their NO ADDED SUGARS thingy. In term of pricing, yes this is the best for us. Hehehe. The previous brand yang Aiman minum, I tell you it is bloody sweet! No wonder this little man used to hardly takes nap during the day and sometime got very grouchy too (dah penat yet still taknak tidur kan).

But not anymore now. And thank God, it was not difficult to adjust his taste buds from previous brand to Anmum Essential. Sekarang ni, by 9pm latest, he is ready to knock out and wake up all fresh on the next day for his new adventure!


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