Iftar buffet at Hadramawt Restaurant, Jalan Raja Chulan

Went to berbuka puasa at Hadramawt Restaurant last Sunday. Mainly to celebrate Abah's birthday and to belanja makan everyone in conjunction with my salary increment. So we decided to give this restaurant a try and the fact that Abah loves middle east cuisine so much, so Hadramawt Raja Chulan it is.

Made the booking through Facebook and email. Why? Because it was damn hard to get through on their phone lines. DIFFICULT. 

Anyway, they replied to the reservation made through comment that I left on the FB page.


The foods were ok, nothing spectacular but everything tastes good. But the buffet spread in totality was a little bit below my expectation. I'm expecting more than just lamb! At least chicken. 

Ok wait, they served chicken-whatever-the-dish-name but they didn't replenish it. Habis is habis you know? Bummer! Not just that, they ran out of several other dishes including fruits platter too but they stopped replenishing foods at 8.15pm! What buffet is that? People paid money for it! (hahaha yeah I am one disappointed makcik sebab tak dapat ayam and I don't eat lamb!)

Service was below average. Table were not cleared out until maybe after all customers left. Or probably Middle East dining etiquette is like that. Maybe. Nice restaurant setting with slight dimmed lighting which to me is perfect for an evening out with your love ones. But everything seems fell short due to overcrowded buffet area. I guess the service is better when the place aren't crowded. 

And food SHOULD BE REPLENISHED! That's the most important part of all.

Giving a second thought to come again? NO. Another middle east iftar buffet? Also a big NO. Not here, not anywhere else. Or maybe it just a no for any other iftar buffet pun. -.- After all, we can never eat in peace because well, we have this little munchkin to look after. T___T

Owh, price per head is RM55++. If I'm not mistaken. Haha. Because it was my husband who paid for it.


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