Celcom iPhone Raya!

Advertorial. Pls scroll down for latest updates :)

Untuk sapa-sapa dok berkira-kira nak beli handphone baru, iPHONE apatah lagi in specific, sila serbu kaunter Celcom sekarang!

From now until 15th September 2012, Celcom offers commitment fee monthly for RM48 only PLUS benefits below:

• From as low as RM1,758
• FREE 1.5GB data
• LOW RATES of only 15 sen/min calls, 10 sen/SMS and 20 sen/MMS

Ok lah, memang susah nak faham kira-kira kos kalau nak beli Celcom iPhone promo ni. So tengok table bawah ni. Yang penting iPhone memang best hehehe!

Murah okeh? Dulu before I guna Celcom line, zaman guna iPhone 3 tu dengan operator lain, bil almost RM200 every month dapat 1 GB gitu je. Hampeh tau!

Tapi sekarang I memang guna Celcom. iPhone jugak hehehe...

And PLUS, this promo comes with another value added item. You can enjoy all your favourite music in one place with MUSICUBE. When you sign up for the iPhone 4s plan, all downloads from MUSICUBE is free AND unlimited! Best kan??

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