Iklan Raya Bernas :'( Sobsssss

Seriously, I cried! Of all iklan raya yang pernah tengok, this one from Bernas really made me cry. A bucket! Full of tears, lantak pi la kat ofis pun. Huwa huwa huwa huwa!!

No replay. I can only watch once and not anymore. 

Whomever created this story, (or maybe a team), you guys really made a good job. Except that you made me cry and left me in tears even until now.

1001 good messages inside. Even I went "jahat punya pakcik marah anak yatim!" but no, he was very kind indeed to give those poor kids a ride until Segamat. Norma kehidupan, selalu nak berprasangka burok. Always the negative thought comes first. -.- 

And the truth is, yang buat I menangis like no one's business is I membayangkan what if it happens to Adam and Aiman. Ok that's it. I can't continue writing. 

Everyone should watch this iklan raya. Please, at least once. 


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