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Mommies and daddies, remember my entry that mentioned DHA and Gangliosides works better together? I mean, two or more nutrients combined together will benefit more on children brain development?

Now let's watch the TVC ads that Anmum Essential has produced for us :)

And this is the newspaper cutting that I found on The Star last few days. Look on how creative the kids playing and working with their own imagination?
Well, come to think of it, Aiman has shown tremendous improvement in his learning and skills. He is catching up fast to his Abang which definitely a big relief to me. Haha. I used to be worried on him not being able to catch up to Abang especially on his communication skills. I'm not comparing them, I swear. And I trust me, they are not comparable at all, both of them are behaving differently, develop different interests and so on. But at certain matters, I do worry if Aiman is not progressing well :P But who doesn't if you are a parent kan?
One thing that I noticed, he has become more creative in doing things AND I can see Aiman is a solution base person. He just don't accept NO or CAN'T as an answer. He always come up with his own plan A, plan B and plan C stuff which in the end, we are the one who going to surrender to him. T___T And I guess he just don't understand what give up word means. Give up seems don't exist in his life dictionary.
I believe all this is very much related to what he consume every day. What he drinks, what he eats. Junk foods is a big no no in our house, but yeah I'm a bit flexible when we are outside. I mean, fast foods, choc, ice cream at a birthday party, potluck, outing, I can tolerate that a little. But most of the time, they will cook home cooked meals, even if we balik kampung or the kids get hospitalised ke apa. Still home cooked meals. So does milk. I'm a bit particular at that.
I know some may say, "Susu sama jer semua. Yang beza tu mungkin advertisement cost, research and what not" Well, maybe yes, maybe not. But they can't be that sama-jer-semua. One thing for sure, they taste and smell differently. Yang ni I jamin. Because I have tasted them. Most of the samples I got, I rasa. And for Aiman, who is 24/7 active, Anmum Essential is the best solution to him. Growing up milk with no added sugars and trust me, it does not taste that sweet as compared to his previous GUM milks. And what should I not be happy because for several months consuming Anmum Essential, he has shown great improvement in several skill especially communication and problem solving.

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