My First Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh Scented Experience

Look what's here in the bathroom?

Scented bath tissues! Truly another cool invention from Kleenex® :)

Well, I shall say this is a practically genius product because first, it's a great quality toilet tissue and second, the infused scent makes the whole bathroom smell so FRESH! I think it smells like one of my VS body spray hehe..Of course it makes me feel good to be in the bathroom and not to mention a happy mind when doing whatever business I need to do in there, hehe...

Now, I don't need the scented candles or air fresheners or potpourri to create the good welcoming fragrance, but the toilet tissue itself! Very WOW right? ;) *Like! Like!* I know, being Malaysian, we love all this 2 in 1 or 3-4-5 in 1 stuff as it saves our Ringgit from having to buy several different things to work together. Kan? Kan? *and that includes me too, hihihi*

"Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh"

A brand new Kleenex® toilet tissue that has been infused with a naturally fresh scent and embossed with subtle flower designs. That's a cool toilet tissue revolution!

Price wise? Worry not, it won't burn your household budget. RM17.95 for a 10-roll pack and RM33.10 for a 20 roll pack and widely available in all hypermarkets nationwide.

I love every bit about this toilet tissue and being Kleenex®, they never dissapoint me in term of their products quality. It suits my liking perfectly! Ultra soft, strong, absorbent and now with infused fresh scent that smell oh-so-good, what else could I ask for a toilet tissue? 

The truth is, it's difficult to explain on how good the toilet tissue is and how refreshing the scent is, because you have to experience it yourself. So don't forget to get a pack of Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh okies? :) Trust me, it's worth it. At least it gives you a piece of mind whenever your guest needs to use the bathroom, right? It's already in a 'wangi' mode =)

Or maybe you can go a little extra (tho the name is "toilet tissue") by placing the tissue roll in your car, dressing table, workplace or baby changing table to keep the place smelling fresh. Of course each roll will come handy whenever you need it. ;)

By the way, do you know that Kleenex is currently having "Kleenex® Refresh Your Bathroom" contest? 

Owh seriously I wish to win the awesome grand prize, A BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM MAKEOVER worth RM10,000! *Jaw dropping*

Why do I need one? I mean the bathroom makeover. 

Because.....My new condo *ehem* bathroom *ehem* very bare *chuck!* need some serious makeover. ^___^ Bare boring looking bathroom, that is the condition now. You know what, I always berangan for a white-sunny-spotlessly kleen bathroom but yeah, reality hits, I have very little money to splurge on any bathroom makeover at this moment. So accept-lah whatever design that developer has made for our unit. 

Hence, being a winning entry which entitles me to a luxury package to refresh my bathroom with Kleenex®, is what I'm hoping for right now hehe ^____^Well, you never know your luck!

I know, what a big a wish for only a bathroom, but hello, trust me, a bathroom ambiance does affect someone's mood everyday. New home, new bathroom makeover, oh perfect!

Now, imagine if I win the prize? Oh my Kleenex®

Excited now? For more info, please head over to Kleenex® FB Page or if you wish to know further about joining the contest, check it here, "Kleenex® Refresh Your Bathroom Contest".


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