The hidden talent :P

Now I know why most mom love their kitchen. Ever since I have my dapur sendirian berhad ni, wah wah wah that area has been my most favorite place of all. I feel the happiest there even it's just a tiny little kitchen (it's ok, so long the space is organized and functional). Still that's where I spend most of my time when I'm home, doing my best to polish up my cooking skills. 

I love cook books and blogs. Yes, those awesome cooking blogs that always come handy when I'm in the kitchen. Via phone/tablet, cooking blogs are the nicest source for me to flip through recipes hehe. I still remember my mom's recipes logbook, ahhh those days, for every recipe that you wish to try you kena salin. Luckily not anymore now, zaman dah moden Mama, we used iPhone. Hehehe. Agaknya zaman cucu I, recipes book dah version hologram kot. :P

My husband, he knows that I can cook but he just found it amusing that I can do it everyday. Hahaha. Because I'm just plain lazy to do so previously sebab duduk rumah Mama, so ala-ala tak kisah nak masak :P Ok, I'm not a pro but hey my food is edible. At least I can jamu my friends makan-makan and none of them have suffered from any serious food poisoning haha. Better still, my husband and kids enjoy the meals, particularly Aiman who simply wallops everything on his plate.

So much that I enjoy trying my hand at new recipes, there's still a lot to improve; technically (i.e. fish - scraping, scaling, gutting whattttt??) -_____-" Kena pergi course 'siang-ikan' agaknya or else, I shall settle for "bang, tolong siang ikan tu siap-siap ye" for the rest of my life. 

 Spicy Turket Wrap with Salsa and Cream Cheese

Ayam Padprik

 Crunchy Dijon Sald

 Nasi Goreng Leftover haha.

 Pancake Enak Rasa by Mat Kown :P

Ayam masak kicap. Yang ni signature dish Mat Kown. Dia buat. Timun tu trademark hahaha.

 Breakfast for Dinner

 Beef Tenderloin Soup

 Kuey Teow Hailam 

 Award winning dessert muahaha. Custard Cocktail Pudding. 

 Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis & Telur Rebus. 2 in 1 gituuu. :P

 Chicken Linguine Soup

 Kuih Cara. Yang ni memang Mat Kown kagum hehe.

 Chili Crab! 

 Egg Tofu and Mix Veggies

Nasi Goreng Ada Style. Haha. 

Ada dua dishes lagi yang tak sempat snap photo, Golek Ayam and Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi. Belum sempat amik gambar, Mat Kown dah senduk masuk pinggan. Aler, terus tak stylo presentation dia. Haha.

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