Do you know that we NEED fat to burn fat?

Hah! Jangan nak suka sangat. Mentang-mentang tajuk we NEED fat to burn fat kan? :P Jangan dok eksaited teruih nak pi makan fast foods.

Ok, kita selalunya bila nak diet, nak lose weight, mesti dalam kepala dah set "avoid carbo, avoid fat" kan? MESTI punya lah. Tho tak semua, tapi kebanyakan kita macam tu lah. Lepas tu kita pun bersusah payah diet dengan diet low nutrients itu. Obviously in the first place kita memang tak mampu nak makan semua jenis makanan in one meal time, untuk bagi cukup semua keperluan zat and vitamins yang diperlukan oleh badan kan? Lepas tu kita buat pulak low or no fat/carbo diet. Trust me, progressively over time, you will get fatter instead. Sebab kesudahannya kita jadi tak cukup zat makanan.

Sekarang cuba kita tengok orang Eskimo. 70% of their daily calories from fat, yet they are the among the ones that have lowest rate of heart disease in the world! You know why? Sebab dia makan healthy fat and not the unhealthy ones like what we've been eating now; i.e fast foods.

Eat fat to burn fat, kalau betul caranya it surely will make you slimmer faster, but if you don't understand the whole situation betul-betul, very likely not only it will make us fatter but also killing faster. Yang penting kena faham bagaimana lemak boleh membantu dalam penurunan berat badan (or otherwise) and jenis-jenis lemak yang perlu diambil and dielak.

Ok sekarang kita kena faham satu perkara. Apa pun situasi kita, kita KENA MAKAN. Diet ke tak diet ker, kita mesti nak makan. Now, dalam situasi bila kita buat low or no fat diet, maknanya kita kena makanan lain yang sama ada high in protein or carbo kan. Sebab main nutrients dalam makanan adalah lemak, protein and carbo. Now u dah reject entirely lemak, so tinggal protein and carbo. TAPI. Otak kita ni, macam mana kita kata kena makan protein pun, akhirnya kita akan berserah pada carbo jugak. Or kalau kita terlalu control sampai tak makan cukup all three ni, lagi lah sekian terima kasih, ke laut terus semuanya. Kita jadi lapar. Sangat lapar.

Bila lapar hormon jadi haywire, lagi teruk bila Insulin spikes up. -_______-" And one thing that Insulin DOES REALLY WELL; it stores fat. Perasan tak  bila kita diet cara salah, kita jadi cepat stress, nak marah, lepas tu dan dan terus rasa nak makan benda manis. Kan? Kan? Alah, tak payah diet lah, kalau kita tak diet pun, tapi kalau dah berlapar sangat, memang terus la jiwa kacau kira nak emo jer.

Now, back to the fat story. Good fat is one of the best and most stable source of energy. Because it helps to build body muscle tissue which is responsible for fat burning process. But, when you go on your less or no fat diet, you somehow going to make the 'maintaining-muscle' process difficult, and eventually, giving a hard time for your body to burn calories. Kita bukan cakap pasai muscle body builder tu haaa, yang tu lain oke.

But bear in mind that fat isn't the easiest nutrient to digest, so it stays longer in our digestive system. Maksudnya kita pun akan kenyang lebih lama TAPI itu bagus for good fat. Kalau you consume unhealthy fat tu, lagi lama dalam badan, lagi banyak toxin produce lah kan.

One more thing, kenapa kita perlu makan good fat? Because we need the good fat for some fat soluble nutrients such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Maksudnya lagi, body won't be able to absorb them without fat and if your body isn't absorbing nutrients properly, that can lead to vitamins deficiencies pulak. T____T

Finally, what are the type of fats that we need to eat or to skip.

TO EAT: Unsaturated fatty acids (vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives and fish). Or senang cerita, yang selalu kita tengok dekat label, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, hah yang ni dua sangat bagus. So adjust your diet to include these two.

CAN EAT but LIMITED AMOUNT: Saturated fatty acids. Can be obtain primarily from animal sources such as meat and dairy products. Kalau tengok pada label makanan, biasanya ada pada butter dengan cheese.

TO AVOID: TRANS FAT! The worst type of fat. Why is it so? Because it raises the bad cholesterol level (LDL) and lower down the good cholesterol level (HDL) which clearly increases the risk of heart disease. x_____x

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL, or "bad," cholesterol transports cholesterol throughout your body. LDL cholesterol, when elevated, builds up in the walls of your arteries, making them hard and narrow. High-density lipoprotein (HDL). 
HDL, or "good," cholesterol picks up excess cholesterol and takes it back to your liver. Trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through a process called hydrogenation, which makes the oil less likely to spoil. Using trans fats in the manufacturing of foods helps foods stay fresh longer, have a longer shelf life and have a less greasy feel.

So what are those?

BAKED GOODS - crackers, cookies, cakes, FRIED FOODS (doughnuts, french fries), PROCESSED FOODS (to enhance flavor, texture and shelf life), SHORTENINGS, MARGARINE, FROZEN PIES, PIZZAS and a lot more. T___T

Haha. So macam susah jugak lah kan? Sebab yang ada trans fat tu jugak lah yang sedap nak dimakan. I believe by now you dah faham, why when you go on diet, you somehow ended up gaining more weight than before. First, you are not eating enough calories and insufficient nutrients, then you probably cut off terus fat including the good ones, then you ended up eating foods macam biscuits or bread semata, sebab takut makan nasi. Little did you know those cookies and biscuits or many other baked goods contain high level of trans fat. Oke?

Sebab tu I selalu jugak pesan, it's fine if you nak makan nasi while going on diet. Makan tu takpa, amount tu kena tengok macam mana and you have to look into the whole meal jugak macam mana. Ada tu nasi tak makan, tapi lauk yang makan tu AYAM GORENG. Ohemgeeee that is so wrong. Ayam deep fried, ada minyak, trans fat. -______-" Lepas tu jiwa kacau just because tak boleh makan nasi, kan kan? Or ada jugak yang tak makan nasi, tapi makan MEE OR KUEY TEOW. Hadoyaiii, itu lagi lah. Processed foods. At least nasi tu from source lah jugak, unless you eat nasi goreng kan. Itu bukan haaaa.

Haha. Kita makan ni terus lagi senang hidup. Sebab nak makan salmon hari-hari untuk dapat source Omega 3 tu, memang tak mampu la kan. Sekeping Salmon pun dah RM15 kehkehkeh.

Please take note. VERY IMPORTANT. Janganlah siksa diri nak diet, tapi makan biskut, minum susu semata. Konon sebab takut makan nasik -_____- Kena faham jenis-jenis fat ni sebab trans fat dalam biskot tu lagi jahat wooo.


Siti Fatimah


TQVM shila for sharing the info :)

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