Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein

Remember this post about Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein?

Naaahhh, do you know that Nutrilite All Plant Protein is easily blendable and mix into food or drink? Yeah senang sangat.

Food. Say kids chicken porridge or chicken soup ker, so easy, cook the porridge first, in any recipe you like. Let it cool and add one 1 scoop of Nutrilite All Plant Protein. Haha. See? So kacang like that. Kids sure won't know. Because of its unflavored and unsweetened texture.

Or into  our drinks. Milo, ribena, soy milk, milk, anything you like. :) Again unflavored and unsweetened, so it won't affect the original taste of your drinks. It blends easily!

As easy as 1-2-3 to ensure that we are consuming enough protein everyday. Convinient and most importantly no cholesterol and it provides 8g of protein in one serving. Well yes, you may say, "I can get my protein from my meals everyday what?". Sure very true. But how do we know that we are eating enough? Hehe. So at least by adding one serving of Nutrilite All Plant Protein into our food or drinks everyday, that can at least help to cater for daily nutrients need.
Don't worry, this is 100% plant based protein and nothing like those body builder protein. :P Many of us feel a bit takut to consume protein products with an assumption that they might build body muscle mass like those body builder. Haha. Sure not. That one ah I tell you, must go to gym everyday and do workout.

Anyway, last few weeks I made a visit this huge Amway headquarter in Petaling Jaya (of course by invitation haha)  and of the things that I luckily get to experience is to sample their meal replacement drinks which is mixed together with Nutrilite All Plant Protein. So dapatlah rasa kan?

Positrim is their meal replacement drink and they have three flavors: Cafe Au Lait, Vanilla and Dutch Cocoa. But I like choc most, no worries vanilla taste good as well it just that I’m a chocolate lover. So always chocolate comes first hehehe. Preparation method is easy; all you need to do is mix, stir and drink. No hot water required. In fact people don’t really mix any meal replacement drink with hot water pun, because we didn’t want to ruin the nutrients inside.

1 pack Positrim Dutch Cocoa + 1 scoop Nutrilite All Plant Protein + 250ml low fat milk (I think it tastes just great even with only chilled water)

That is just one simple recipe and it is totally fine if you want to mix Positrim say with juices jugak (use vanilla flavor punya). Basically Positrim drink mixes are designed as a calorie-controlled meal with a ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fat (good one), vitamins and minerals to meet requirement of an adult’s well balanced meal

And the best part of all during that visit is the experience to do this body analysis test. Canggih I tell you this machine, siap generate report lagi but yeah, so scared to look at the final result lah kan. Even dah diet-diet still have some percentage of body fats to kick off. Isk! 


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