Surprise! Surprise! From Fashionvalet!

Memang surprise sangat ok? Because I had no idea that they were going to do this as the package was hand-delivered straight to my office in Bangsar! 

Fashionvalet, they really go the extra mile to surprise their customers and I sangat tabik spring for this!

Actually I was in a meeting when they text-ed me; "Hello Shila! We're from Fashionvalet and we've got a little something you. Come down to the lobby and meet us ya" and yeah, my focus on the business plan agendas got sidetracked immediately, haha. I just had to excuse myself from the discussion (10 minutes je pun, come onnn) and excitedly ran to the lobby to meet them! 

Now look, the super awesomeness surprise that was spilled into my lap; JAMIE OLIVER  CREME BRULEE SET including the BLOW TORCH! 

How can one not be delighted by this kind of surprise? Plus, when winning a contest is absolutely not my forte, let alone hoping for luck in a lucky draw, of course lah I excited melampau when FV decided to surprise me with this Jamie Oliver stuff hehehe. *smugggg*

By the way, this is all due to the this Instagram hashtag -- #mykindathing yang FV organized (plus because they mentioned "a surprise might come your way" haha) , so I apa lagi, hashtagged lah my Insta posts yang sangat SCREAM Shilashower hahaha. I mean if at one glance pun, even without looking at the nickname, people can already tell "ni photo Shilashower, konfem!" ahahaha, like that lah. 

But at this moment, this pretty box I simpan dulu dalam display cabinet, hehehe. So sayang to rasmikan, plus I need to do some research (read: Google) on the dos and don'ts in making the best creme brulee, because I'm worried if I ended up blowing everything up including the ramekins, rentung pulak dapur I nanti :P

Akhir kata, THANK YOU FASHIONVALET! and yer, marilah online shopping di FV lagi ;P



  1. Kemas sangat...jelesnyer anak2 xmenyepah =)

  2. cantik lah....nant if saya da besar ada rumah sendiri nak hias kiut2 gini gak..huhu

  3. Bagus nye lahh..bersih betul rumah.suka tgk anak2 disiplin gitu! ;-)

  4. ok nak pi ikea jap lagi hahaha

  5. i kalau tgk u nyer cookies.. mesti teringat playdoh tau color dia! hehe.. so cute.. me like.

  6. Assalamualaikum kak, taniah! wonderful gila. bangga pun ada. keep ur work hard kakak :)