Brainy Bunch it is. Finally.

Yer, nampak tu I tulis finally? Haha. Sebab berapa punya banyak dah survey playschool sebelum ni, bayar deposit then burn sebab budak-budak ni tak pergi pun school akhirnya -______-" Tapi next year Adam dah 5 tahun and Aiman 4 tahun, so it's about time for them to go to school. Enough of kesian kena bangun awal every morning (Maktok la tu, asyik kesian je) and enough of takut-sat-lagi-kena-buli-sebab-kecik-lagi (Ayah protective sangat) or apa-apa lah yang takut and kalau tu.

Ni mommy monster dah berkuasa veto. Hahaha. No kesian-kesian, the boys need to mix around with other children and hopefully can help them to develop to their full potential. Insyaallah, academic wise it won't be that hard. ABC, 123, alif-ba-ta, shapes (including those hexagon, pentagon, octagon dah ok), simple Surah(s) also ok, daily Doa(s), basic plus minus Math pun dah ajar, ok lah kot kan. They can eat on their own and dah toilet trained jugak, harap tak ada masalah sangat.

Now it's time to brush up on their social skills. What's going to happen next kena tunggu hari dah masuk sekolah hehehehe. They never been to any daycare before hence I'm expecting several drama episodes to happen for the first few days (or maybe a week of adjustment period? or more? haha) but hopefully everything will be ok for them. I believe the teachers are quite skilled in handling this, so let's leave this matter to the experts. 

So now, why Brainy Bunch? Knowing me, I have been so kiasu before, in searching and finding the best playschool for the kids (which they ended up not going to any bahahahhhaha!). But as I get older and wiser (wahhh gitu), I think my tahap kepoh-want-all-tip-top dah turun sikit. I can tolerate to certain percentage of kekurangan that each kindy has. 

Frankly speaking, yes there are few schools yang memang tip top in and out (not to mention their fee structure too ahaha) but still they are lacking in one thing. The most important thing of all, Islamic Education. So tak payah nak orang putih sangat, nanti jadi drama Nur Kasih. Adam and Aidil tu. Or in my case Adam and Aiman. Takmo lah kan. So kena lah cari Islamic Montessori.

Being resided in a housing area which Muslim community is not a majority, maka nak cari Islamic playschool agak susah. Most of the options available semua you kena drive luar kawasan. The thing is, my parents are the one picking up my kids from school, so takkan nak mintak drive jauh redah jem semua kan. Fast forward, Brainy Bunch seems to be the closest Islamic Montessori within our radius. 

So this is it.

I didn't check for their syllabus, their daily activities and routines, what BBIM is all about, not even their fee structure. So much of pakai redah thing janji anak sekolah T_____T. But I've seen the amazing results from other kids from this school, Masha Allah they are all wonderful. 

Just to share with you, I was sold the moment I saw the kids getting ready for solat berjemaah :') Ya Allah, we need this. I don't mind if they want to be a pilot, an astronaut or even a rockstar, janji Iman and Islam kukuh dalam diri. We just need this, our investment in the hereafter. ;)



  1. Owh so sweet...tu Adam ke Aiman tu yg solat...bila side by side gambar berdua tu, xkenal mana satu adam n aiman=)

    Selamat bersekolah ye both of u guys, =)

  2. akak tak tgk montesori UIAM kat gombak tu? hahhaha--mcm tak baca je title kan.

    selamat bersekolah adam & aiman :)

  3. akak register BBIM kat mane?

    maybe next yr nak anta Awisy kt BBIM jugak, since BBIM je yg ade daycare form 1.5year child. yg lain sume nk tggu 3yr.

  4. Assalamualaikum kak. comelnya dua beradik pakai jubah lelaki. so sweet, bagusnya masukkan mereka dalam sekolah yang menitikberatkan ajaran Islam. semoga Adam dan Aiman membesar jadi anak yang soleh. in shaa Allah :)

    * i cant wait being umi-to-be >_________<