I'm backkkk!

Last post dated January 15, 2014 and today's date 17 November 2014. About 10 months blog terabai. Ni bukan level bersawang dah, sebab kalau dia ada rupa fizikal macam rumah, most probably dah macam rumah hantu. Hehe...

Lots of stuff has happened since the last time I posted and to recap each and every of it is obviously impossible. Blame the thousands of photos residing in my external hard disk; I just don't know where to start from.

Birthday Adam? Melbourne trip? Long overdue hutang of Hong Kong trip perhaps? Or my new baby business named Shilashower Creative Events? or the story of Shilashower Berhenti Kerja? Haha yes you read it right. I quit my 8-5-fulltime-with-benefits office job few months ago.

I'm not really sure of my current position now, maybe a bit of everything between surirumah-baker-party planner-barista lah kot. :P I do what I like, that's for sure. No more cubicle-bound life, no more crazy morning traffic (hence no random cursing to others kehkehkeh), no more bloody expensive daily parking fee and life is much better and happier now, alhamdulillah. Well I guess this 'berhenti kerja' story deserves its own separate entry, so nanti lah ok.

But for those who has been following my Instagram Shilashower, walaupun blog dah terbiar paras kronik, thank you so much. :) I've got so addicted to Insta that I rarely post things on my blog anymore...Kesian blog ni. I'll try to gather my blogging mojo and hope to keep this place lively as before. No, as few years back, not just before. Because before sounds too recent when it's actually not.

What else? Adam and Aiman is about to end their school term in Brainy Bunch for 2014 and we have yet to decide which school to go for next year. But if you were to ask them, they will say "Brainy Bunch only Mommy. Don't want other Aunties, other friends, other school". Aihhh. So much that we want to try for other learning methods, the kids seem reluctant to try new things and to meet new people. And I pun taknak lah repeat another series of school-refusal-drama. Tengah fikir tak habis lagi ni. Isk isk isk.

Ok lah, till the next entry. Maybe I should start sorting the Hong Kong photos for the next blog post. Yeah, you guys, please pray for it. For the post to be updated real soon. Not the next 10 months, hahaa.

And owh! Don't forget to follow my new adventure as a kids party planner on Shilashower Creative Events! (Instagram: shilashowercreativeevents). 



  1. akhirnya....rindu nak baca ngomelan shilashower di shilashower.blogspot.com.
    *nampak x setia tahap dewa... hihi*

  2. yeay..finally shilashower comeback to the blog...