"Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria" Chill Festival Launch.

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Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria. Tagline tu memang perfect sangat. Sebab kalau ada masalah ngilu and gigi sensitif, memang tak ceria lah hidup jadinya. Or kurang ceria, sebab banyak benda tak boleh makan hehe. Yer la, imagine bila kita nak makan ice cream rasa ngilu, icy cold water rasa ngilu, hot coffee ngilu and many more, confirm stress and kurang ceria kan.

Anyway, I was invited to attend 'Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria' Chill Festival launch last week and it was such an eye opening event. You know why, because most of us tend to ignore this "ouchhh zinging" problem and ended up telling ourselves, "nak buat macam mana dah tak boleh makan". No, we can actually overcome the problem but of course it is not an overnight work.

So this is where Sensodyne came to the rescue! Confirm kita semua pun biasa tengok iklan ubat gigi Sensodyne dekat tv and the term "masalah gigi sensitif" tu memang buat kita ingat Sensodyne products kan kan kan?

GSK launches Sensodyne ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival to encourage Malaysians to take control of tooth sensitivity and this campaign is targeted to reach 1 million Malaysians. Sounds too much? Worry not as Sensodyne roving team will be visiting 53 spots all over Malaysia. So yeah, sila perhati kiri kanan mana tau terjumpa the roving team, sebab Sensodyne is collaborating with Chatime Malaysia, Teochew Chendul and The Potong too! So besides product sampling nanti ada jugak other on-ground activities to encourage rakyat Malaysia untuk buat "tooth sensitivity checks".

Tapi kalau dah tak bernasib baik nak jumpa the team, you all boleh je buat test to online. Check this out. Sensodyne Tooth Sensitivity Check. So cool kan? I dah buat masa launch event hari tu and yeah, tiada masalah gigi sensitif. Well obviously, otherwise takkan la boleh cipta hashtag #shilashowerfoodland. Nevertheless, I guna jugak Sensodyne tooth paste sebab the product is formulated to protect from tooth sensitivity. To protect, so nak kena jaga lapisan gigi ni baik-baik supaya boleh terus makan ice cream, ice latte, ais kacang and so on hehehe.

The Oral Care Usage and Attitude study by Ipsos also reveals that 87% of Malaysians are aware of the conditions of sensitive teeth, making it the number one oral health issue in Malaysia and only one third uses sensitive toothpaste to overcome the problem.

Between, according to Dr Nurul Huda Hassan (Dental Surgeon yang super hot!), it is the regular daily use of toothpaste for sensitive teeth that maintains the sensitivity protection. And be aware that if kita berus gigi terlalu kuat pun boleh menyebabkan gigi sensitive, so jangan nak sental gigi bersungguh-sungguh sangat hehe. It's a common dental problem after all, but how we tackle it that makes a different.

For info, Sensodyne Base range which includes Sensodyne Fresh Mint, Sensodyne Gentle Whitening and Sensodyne Gum Care toothpastes are specially formulated to help protect against sensitivity, whereas Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin helps repair sensitive teeth. For those who want instant relief from tooth sensitivity may use Sensodyne Rapid Relief that works in 60 seconds and which is formulated to create a physical seal against sensitivity triggers when used as directed.

For more information on the 'Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria' Chill Festival campaign, hop over to https://sensodyne.com.my

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All samples are provided by GSK and opinions expressed are of my own personal views.

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