Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream & Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence

Good products deserve good reviews.

I've been using the departmental-store beauty products for many years (since teenage days) but somehow dah tak banyak significant improvement after the age of 30. Hahaha maybe tak sesuai to combat the fine lines that started to make its debut on face. Some texture macam greasy, some macam very thick and kadang-kadang adalah buat DIY mask at home ahahaha tapi maybe the content tak cukup anti-aging active ingredients that able to penetrate deeply into skin. T___T

So I started to change to something from the drug store pulak, mid price range (affordable!) and most importantly it comes with good reviews over the internet. After giving a try to few anti-aging products (don't laugh that I actually switch from whitening to anti-aging haha) over past one year, I'm actually quite happy with the results by Olay.

In specific, Olay Miracle Duo product range. Yes, the ones in red packaging.

Actually facial wash Olay Total Effects foaming cleanser memang dah lama sangat guna with Olay Total Effects cream and since I trusted the brand for quite sometime, I rasa nak try anti-aging regime pulak. After a month of using it, hasil dia memang sangat memberangsangkan.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, memang awesome! The texture absorbs quickly into skin, after apply pun kulit muka rasa smooth je, hydrate the skin really well; which definitely a great base before applying foundation. One great result lepas guna micro sculpting ni (which I think it provides better result since I combine with Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence) ialah kulit muka rasa lebih fresh, pores and fine lines under my eyes pun not too visible now (this area is one tough job, but a slight improvement pun dah happy ok).

This is Olay's bestselling anti-aging moisturiser and totally works wonder to hydrate and renew the skin (so rasa lebih firm and lift up), sure nampak lebih muda lagi kan. Lagi satu product Olay Regenerist yang you all kena cuba (if fine lines and awet muda is your major concern hehe) is Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence. I memang easily sold by the words like "boost" "youth" "young" "serum" "essence" dan seangkatan, rasa macam apply something really concentrated that can help to improve skin metabolism and renewal. Something yang penetrate deeply into skin.

This essence is very light-weight, boleh kata macam watery, bila apply terus absorb into skin. Hydrating, not oily (yeay!) and dia macam ada satu feeling lepas apply tu, kulit muka rasa silky and firm. Macam mana eh nak explain, tapi rasa wahhhh nice to touch lah. Hehe. Plus, the bottle cap which works as a dropper itself; open, press and dispense the essence onto your palm, so you will get just the right amount to cover face and neck area, jadi takla nak membazir.

And paling penting, Olay Miracle Duo beauty regime doesn't cause any break-outs on my face! Ini yang paling penting sebenarnya. Tak semua products yang kita cuba sebenarnya sesuai dengan kulit muka kita. Some looks wow but maybe tak suit Asian skin macam I ni, yang kulit tak cerah sangat, combination jugak rasanya hehe. I’m glad that my skin suits well with Olay Miracle Duo product range ni, probably the texture yang light and airy (as the name goes MICRO-SCULPTING), dia memang very fine sebab tu tak clog kulit muka kita. Those yang greasy and thick memang tak sesuai dengan my skin, dia macam create another layer on my face, so dirt senang melekat kat muka which probably increase the likelihood for breakouts.

Walaupun no dramatic improvement as yet, but to get my skin hydrated (even better than before), less visible fine lines (not totally disappear yet haha) and smaller pores, I dah happy for now. Of course nothing happen overnight, this is not a magic elixir that kapooooffff pakai hari ni, esok jadi Miss World ehehehe but in combination of the moisturiser, essence and night cream, religiously applied (two times a day), I yakin my skin will get better. Better combat the first signs of aging now, if later lagi banyak kerja kena buat hehe.

Here are some anti-aging tips for you ladies, mari lah menjaga kemudaan and keremajaan kulit muka bersama-sama hehehehe..

  • Focus what body needs first, then skin. Means, take supplements and drink plenty of water. Vitamin D and Omega-3 are good for skins and water, 8 glasses at least per day.

  • Halve the sun exposure. UV rays damages skin elastin and causes loss of collagen which then lead to wrinkles and fine lines. It also adds to discoloration and roughens skin texture. So always apply your sunblock. SPF-30 at least.

  • Pick beauty products that helps skin to regenerate cells and bring back the youth. Of course lah we can’t turn back the clock zaman muda remaja, but if can get and maintain at something closer to that and slower the rate of getting wrinkles and dull skin, why not. Olay Miracle Duo (Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream + Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence) is definitely something you have to try on.

  • Keep your daily makeup routine simple. Well, ini macam clear cut. If everyday apply thick makeup, foundation, concealer and what not, mesti ada kesan dekat kulit muka kan. And lagi teruk kalau tak bersihkan betul-betul. So I guess it easier if can keep the routine simple. Macam I, after applying Miracle Boost Pre-Youth Essence terus guna two way compact powder. Cukuplah, no need thick foundation lagi. Hehe. Kadang-kadang when needed, baru apply bb cream but not everyday.
Ok that’s all for the tips. Very basic, definitely easy to do.

Nanti kita review lagi apa hasil dia selepas beberapa minggu nanti ok?

Check out website ni untuk more info https://www.everydayme.com.my/olay

Went to Japan last August. A whole lot of walking, from morning till night time, but look, muka tetap hydrate and tak berminyak. Tu la happy sangat, maybe minimal open pores, so kurang berminyak muka walaupun jalan kaki panas merata Tokyo hehe...

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