Perth - Thrifty Car Hire and Mahira Holiday Homes


I'm back! I know it's been a while since the last update and maybe some of you probably think that I've given up on blogging hehe. No, not just yet. Anyway, I hope you guys are still interested in my blog. :P

I have a long list of interesting and fun stories to share on the blog, mainly travel related posts, so today I decided to start with our Perth trip (Nov 2015, 11A + 3C) focusing on car hire and accommodation, which many people been whatsapp-ing me for the details. 


We chose Thrifty. Well, we compared few but finally decided on Thrifty as it was the cheapest for the vehicles we were getting and got all major requirement checked. Most importantly to include "Unlimited KM" and "Full Insurance Coverage" (zero excess, tyre/windscreen/hail damage coverage, 24hr roadside assistance) so we can drive with a complete peace of mind. Plus, we added one baby seat for my niece (2yo) whereas Adam and Aiman were strapped safely in the back seat (they were too tall for booster seats).

We rented Hyundai iMax and Mitsubishi ASX, an intermediate van and a wagon, but if you are looking for something smaller, compact maybe, Bayswater car hire is cheaper. However, they don't operate from the airport, so you need to pay the extra cost to get the car ready at the airport. 

Total amount paid, as below. Hope this helps for your travel-mathematical works hehe.

Able to sumbat all this and 11 adults plus 3 kids into iMax and Mitsu. :P


As for the house, I think we really hit the jackpot by staying here. The house was definitely large and comfortable enough to have place all of us (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, if not mistaken a total of 7 queen size beds!). Well equipped kitchen, washing machine, dryer, aircond/heater, massive patio area with bbq set, linen and towels all provided. The best part is Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre is just a walk away from home. (Woolworths there!). Beautiful neighborhood, quite and close to Canning River too. 

Visit Mahira Holiday Homes website for their contact details. A Malaysian owned company, so don't be surprised if you see a fully loaded pantry with Maggi, Kicap Kicap Udang, Sup Bunjut and whatnot. Just like us, when we tak habis consume the foods we brought into Aussie land (Maggi, Kicap ABC, spices, can foods) we sort of stocking up the pantry for the next guests too hehe.

Ok, done with the above. I shall sambung next time with Tokyo Airbnb review pulak okies? :)

Booked online, pay later at the counter using credit card (make sure to validate your overseas usage prior leaving the country).

Car rental bay. Collection and return process went smoothly.

Want to see what we cooked over the 5 days stay? Antaranya.



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  2. Kak would you mind sharing with me which camera you are using? I saw one picture with your camera in it but couldn't figure it out. It could be kind of GF lumix I think?