Twitter is all I need

Seriously, who needs newspaper, GPS, Google and whatnot when you can get everything that you need with Twitter? Furthermore, it's a real time update. Unlike Google, where you may end up reading a whole long review that you thought was the latest, but crap, that entry was written two years ago. So it's no longer the latest. Jalan yang dulu belok kiri sekarang mungkin dah kena u-turn and belok kanan, well you know, stuff like that :P Nevertheless, I still need Google in life but Twitter is somehow great at giving me the latest updates and reviews. ;)

I remember the last time I asked "mana nak cari Tutti Frutti in Shah Alam" and my goodness, I received more than 20 replies flooding my timeline on where Tutti Frutti Shah Alam outlets located. Siap direction kiri kanan all lengkap! That time rasa sungguh terharu on their kindness and effort to type the directions in great details. And I know that I have bunch of resourceful brains on my Twitterland, so that's why I said, "who needs Google then??" Hehe....

Not only that, you just don't know how this people can help to save your money too! Or in my recent case, I managed to save like what, thousand ringgit kot, while planning for our Sabah trip soon. *can't wait! can't wait!* Initially I have booked Le Meridien for RM290 per room per night, which I thought dah habis murah for a 5 stars hotel kan? Average rate that most websites offered pun dalam 400++ macam tu. 

When travelling with kids, I memang a bit particular with hotel and "doctor on call" is one of the things that I'm looking for. Mama kecoh memang macam ni. Tak dapat buat banyak activities tak apa, yang penting hotel kena best.   

However, last Tuesday, I randomly asked question on Twitter "website apa yang bagus untuk booking hotel?" And having such a helpful society on my Twitter, I received one long list of websites for me to check out. And guess what? I cancelled my Le Meridien booking and proceed with Hyatt Regency and Shangri La Tanjung Aru! Muahahahah! Total price paid is even cheaper too! Lucky enough, Meridien KK offers free cancellation until the date of check-in. 

Hyatt Regency room rate yang I dapat tu hanyalah USD41! So that equals to RM147.43 inclusive tax and service charge, kira RM150 lah senang. *sila terbeliakkan mata anda sekarang* For a CLUB ROOM! And it comes with breakfast and evening cocktail at private lounge. Coolness okeh??? This one I booked from Orbitz and already double confirmed with the hotel too. Ini bukan cobaan, ini betul-betul. 

And Shangri La Tanjung Aru I booked from HotelClub. This one pun rasa macam menang jackpot, hahahah! The room rate can easily cost you RM1000++ per night but hey ho, I paid like ermmm several hundred dollars only which definitely not going to burn my pockets at all. Never thought we could afford to stay at this place but heheheh we finally made it. Even Avillion PD is pricey than this. :P 

For this, I couldn't thank my Twitter friends enough. Sungguh sesungguhnya. Semoga Tuhan membalas jasa kalian dengan penjimatan berganda untuk percutian hampa semua nanti juga :)

So what I wanted to say here is, if you have any questions or concerns ker apa, go try your luck on Twitter. You never know what Twitterland have in store for you. Kehkehkeh! For those who currently planning for a holiday, do check out these websites listed, mana tahu bertuah juga? Our last year trip to Singapore, dapat duduk sini pun sebab best rate from Agoda. Hehehe...Dapat book hotel 5 stars tapi bayar macam 3 stars? Hehehe....


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