Looking for Account Executive & Admin/HR Executive

Pesanan khidmat masyarakat lagi. ;) But this time untuk suami. Jadi sila baca dan war war kan kepada yang berkenaan. 

SI Prima Sdn Bhd sedang mencari DUA orang pekerja baru. SATU Account Executive dan SATU Admin merangkap HR Executive. This is a newly formed company for which the nature of business is pet-pot-pet-pot. Eheh, import export begitu. Import export apa, nanti tanya masa interview, tak dapek den nak reveal di sini. Komoditi items lah macam tuh.

Lokasi office adalah di Prima Sri Gombak.

So first, I let you know Company benefits dulu okies. :)

Company Benefits:

  • 5 working days & follow full declared public holidays. (standard 8 jam sehari, kalau kena balik lambat boss belanja makan. No specific rule on masuk cepat ke masuk lambat ke, tapi janganlah sampai masuk office pukul 12 tengah hari kan. Hehehe) Yang ni bos suruh cakap. :P Cuti raya insyaallah dijamin ada, at least a week. 
  • Casual business attire. Jeans dibenarkan. Heh, how awesome is that kan? But you are required to dress formally when needed. 
  • Family Day! ShilaShower akan pastikan itu. Hihihih...
  • Medical benefits for employees (outpatient & hospitalization) 
  • Interest free loan for employees. Yes you read it right. :) But well, subject to terms and conditions lah kan. 
  • Mileage & toll claim semestinya ada. 
  • Duit raya, insyaallah :P
  • You are allow to go minum-kopi-kedai-bawah if and only if betul-betul tiada kerja. You don't have to pretend busy bila tak ada kerja. Ini kepantangan bos. Ekekekeke. 
  • Last but not least, super cool awesome bosses in the world! 
So remuneration package dah dinyatakan. Jadi let's zoom into job details; responsibilities and requirements. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

General Requirements:
  • At least 1-2 years working experience.
  • Full time basis.
  • Willing to travel (highly required).
  • Must posses own transport.
  • Speak and write fluent English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Possess high level of confidentiality (MUST).
  • Belum berkahwin and not planning any within a year. 

Account Executive


  • To handle group tax, group reporting & group budgeting.
  • To handle full set of accounts, accounts payable and receivable, cash flow statements and management reports, with good analytical skill. 
  • Timely and accurately monitor closing of periodic accounts.
  • Implementation of accounting system (to be discussed later).
  • Will have to team up with CFO and subject to other financial duties assigned.
  • Responsible for preparation of adhoc financial analysis/reports as and when required by Management.
  • Involve in tax planning, preparation of investments’ financial proposals.
  • Cash flow planning including maximizing returns on excess cash flow.
  • Liaise with auditors, tax agents and secretary for annual statutory requirements.
  • Liaise with government agency for licensing matters.
  • Liaise with suppliers and customers for payments and collection.

Specific Requirements:

  • Degree in Accountancy or professional studies (ACCA/MICPA).
  • At least 1-2 years working experience.
  • Those with past working experience/internship in audit firm or freight and logistic industry are an added advantage.
  • Familiar with Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Familiar with Companies Act & Income Tax.
  • Knowledge to operate accounting system and Microsoft Office application.
  • Learning attitude, interest in accounting and seek to develop with the company.

HR cum Admin Executive


  • Perform general secretarial duties such as correspondence by fax, letters, e-mails, screening phone calls, taking minutes of meeting, scheduling appointments and meetings, travelling arrangements etc.
  • Administer staff related matters such as leaves, claims, training etc which require the management's approval
  • Maintain proper filing system and ensure effective document control for easy access and retrieval.
  • Handle issuance of standard HR letters, documents, memorandums and others correspondence.
  • Follow-up on urgent matters requiring attention and deadlines/issues raised during meetings.
  • Organize, plan and handle ad-hoc functions.
  • Assist other colleagues when necessary and any other tasks entrusted by the management.

Specific Requirement:

  • A minimum of a Diploma’s holder or its equivalent in relevant fields.
  • At least 1-2 years working experience.
  • Proficient skill in Microsoft office.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skill.
  • Pleasant personality.
  • Good command of BM & English and telephone etiquette.
  • Good knowledge in EPF, Income Tax & Socso.

So yeah, begitu lah yang di request bos-bos. :P

Interested candidates are invited to email your detailed resume, recent passport size photograph, expected salary and contact telephone number.

All applicants will be treated with the strictest confidence. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Please email your resume to norman_265@yahoo.com AND cc to mohdfakhruddin@gmail.com or contact En.Norman at 016-4321217 for an interview appointment. Mahap, website and email SI Prima sedang dalam proses hence sila guna personal email mereka dulu. :)

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