Pesanan Khidmat Masyarakat - Kurangkan Gula Maniskan Senyuman :)

Sugar is among the things that constantly make me say NO!! to Adam apart from climbing stairs backwards and collecting dust and stuff into his mouth. At the age of 2 years old (almost there) I can safely say that Adam doesn't know what is ice cream, candy and chocolate. But he knows that chocolate drink is nice tho. Muahahahaha! I am evil like that, limiting this entire nice thing from Adam Haris. 

I haven't do much reading yet on how sugar can negatively impact kid's behaviour but roughly, from my observation, children who are consuming LARGE number of sugar tend to be extra active; jumping and running like there is no tomorrow (adrenaline rush!).

You know why? Because of SUGAR. But well, it is very hard pressed to find a healthy kid’s products without added sugar lah, mesti ada punya. 

Owh by the way, there are two types of sugar, one is NATURAL SUGAR which can be found in fruits, vegetables and milk while the other is ADDED SUGAR like sucrose, glucose, corn syrup solid.

So, read on the label mommies and daddies. If it is not stated anywhere on the label about this added sugar, then highly likely its already included in the calories count. The higher carbo stated on the label, the higher added sugar in the product. Like that. 

I believed many of us already know that excessive intake of sugar may harm our health and body kan. Obesity. Dental caries. Diabetes. High blood pressure. And more for which each of us pun well aware right? Unfortunately it is not easy for us to say no to sugar because well, our glass of teh tarik pun dah ada spoonful of sugar (granulated sugar ke, sweetened milk ke). Hehehehehe. Plus roti canai, nasi lemak and so on. Aiyoh! *Pengsan* 

But wait, eventhough natural sugar is the best source of sugar, still, EXCESSIVE intake of it will still lead to problems mentioned above. And if you notice people with diabetes problem, they have to control their sugar intake and have to be monitored closely regardless it's a natural or added sugar. Maksudnya, jika sudah kena, natural sugar pun tiada maknanya :P

Maka dengan itu, in conjunction with Kempen Kurangkan Pengambilan Gula 2010, let's take a baby step to control our daily sugar intake :) Like the tv advert said, "kurangkan gula, maniskan senyuman" Hihihihihi. Well, you still need sugar to give you energy for your daily activities but please, take a considerate amount only. :)


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